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This week has been so full of "errands" every day after work. Monday boy wonder had a dentist appointment. Tuesday he got out of school early and I had a dentist appointment. Yesterday was a long stressful day for me taking my car to the shop. Today it has to go back again. Tomorow will be shopping for boy wonder's birthday and party. Saturday will be extra house cleaning to prepare for his party on Sunday.

My car has needed new tires for quite some time. In the last month it has gotten progressively worse.

I havnt wanted to let go of the money AND I wanted to get all I could get out of the tires on my car. So I have put if off and put it off til I couldnt put it off any longer.

Tuesday I called to make the appointment. Well that appointment lasted from 3:30 until 5:10pm yesterday. I was a little pissed to say the least. I had ordered two new tires to be put on the front and the best two tires kept and placed on the back. Well the one tire that was making my car drive and handle so badly wasnt the worse so it stayed. Now I have to go back today and get two more (used) put on it.

$300 (OUCH!) later it will be safe and driving better. Last night on the way home it was already driving so much better, but the "octagon shaped" tire has to go.

Hey did you know that newer cars do not just get their front two wheels aligned? They require all four wheels to be aligned. I didnt know that. That's what caused my back tire to become "octagon shaped" and it's been driving me nuts!!!!!

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