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Target Deals

The Kellogg sale at Target made the Kellogg $10 rebate even better!

My deals went like this:

Deal 1: 4 Pop Tarts (12 count boxes) $2.25 each=$9 minus $2 Target coupons and $2 manuf coupons = $5 OOP, received $5 gc back!
Deal 2: 4 Special K Bars $2.25 each=$9 minus 4 $1 off manuf coupons = $5 OOP, received $5 gc back!
Deal 3: 2 Keebler Fudge shop cookies $2.25 each, 2 Special K Bars $2.25 each=$9 minus 1 BOGO manuf coupon (2.25) and $1 manuf coupon = $5.75 OOP, received $5 gc back!

I'm down .75 on these 12 items. All was purchased on one receipt and I will submit this receipt for the $10 rebate from Kelloggs. So after it is all over with, I made $9.25 off this deal. That's assuming I actuallly receive the $10 rebate check. This will be my first rebate I've submitted for, so keep your fingers crossed for me.


  1. That food is so full of junk, tho. No real deal to a human body.

  2. jannie thanks for coming out of the lurking closet. I love it when I get a new commenter.

    I went to check your website out. I see you dont allow comments, why is that?

    BTW, who said we had human bodies? lol

  3. Oh I love seeing pictures! And that was an awesome deal!

    Jannie.. pop-tarts may not be the most healthy food out there, but I can think of alot less healthy stuff we could fill our bodies with. Lisa didn't say she was going to serve them each and every day for breakfast, lunch AND dinner. I am positive she feeds her family a wide selection of healthy foods, just read the rest of her blog ;)

  4. Great deal on price but I don't like their taste and they use alot of chemicals so not one of the products I typicaly buy. But it would make great donation item!

  5. Hello from New York. Wow! I can't believe that I am missing all these great deals. But while I am not shopping, I made a new discovery while I am here.......Curves. My cousin goes every morning at 5:30am - 6am before she goes to work. This looks like an exercise program that could really work for me when I get back to AZ especially since I can walk a 1/2 block to the one near me. I could use the strength training.