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Super Wal-Mart Savings

I love The Centsible Sawyer's post she does on Wal-Mart deals. I depend upon her putting it all together in one spot making it easy for me. I've plugged her site before when I've done my Wal-Mart deals and hope she doesnt mind the plug again. Also she was chosen for the Wal-Mart 11 Money Saving Moms. Be sure to check that out too.

10 Michaelinas $5.50 after price match and coupons
2 Green Giant Steamers $.46 after coupons (reg $1.23 each)
2 TGIF Moz Sticks FREE after coupons (reg $2.98 each)

Cheerios FREE after coupon
HBO Choc Cluster Cereal FREE after coupon
6 Ronzoni Smart Taste Pastas $3.00 after coupons (reg $1.50 each)
4 Old El Paso Taco Seasoning $1.44 after coupons (reg .86 each)
4 Old El Paso Taco Shells $3.04 after coupons (reg $1.26 each)
4 Mighty Dog Food FREE after coupons
1 Cereal to Go & 1 Cereal Straws $3.00 after coupons (reg $2.47 each)
2 Yogo Fruit Snack $2.81 after coupons
2 Hunts Pudding $1.25 after coupons (reg $1.00 each)

5 Electrasol $3.60 after price match and coupons (reg $3.47 each)
4 Chex Mix $1.96 after coupons and price match (reg $2.12 each)
3 Sunkist Tuna Pouch $1.76 after coupons (reg .93 each)
2 Nestle Choco Chips $.98 after $1.50 each coupons and price match (reg $2.47 each)
2 Pinto Beans $1.84 no coupon :(
1 V-8 Fusion $.98 after coupon (reg $1.98 ea)
1 Mac & Cheese Cracker $2.00 no coupon :(
1 Soft Pretzel $2.12 no coupon :(
1 Hunts Spag Sauce .98 no coupon :(
2 pops $1.38 each

Total before coupons was $88.94 After coupons and price matching $41.94.

My checker, Marcie, was a doll. When I got into her line there was noone there. She was very efficient and made sure none of my coupons stuck together. She had no problem with any of my price matches I requested as she looked at my competitors flyers and entered the price match. The only coupons she couldnt get to scan was the TGIF. I'm lucky, cause my Wal-Mart accepts IP coupons if they scan. Their theory is it is legit if it scans. Just when I was getting ready to tell her that was ok, Judy (the senior csm, who has been there for 100 years) came by and told her it's ok, just enter them by hand. By now there were 5 others in line after me.

I was starting to get antsy, and figured one of the women behind me would start making hateful comments like what usually happens, about how long it was taking. After Marcie was done with the coupons and tax had been added on she smiled at me and said "I just love to see people use coupons and shop smart! Your total is now $41.94" I told her thank you and appologized because her line was now backed up. She replied, "No worries, that means I will be busy and it makes my time go by faster, Have a great weekend".

It was the most easy and enjoyable trip I've had to my Super Wal-Mart since I started using coupons a year ago.


  1. isn't that wonderful when you have a checker who is so nice and helpful.. and people behind you who actually aren't freaking out or making noises behind you.. I have actually had a few situations where the checker actually said "it's okay I'm paid hourly so I could be here for another 4 hours entering coupons for you" after I've apologized. (I apologize a lot)

  2. Nice deal. Way to work it girl. You must have saved over $100. Way to go LIsa!

  3. melissa It made for a better experience to say the least. I dont understand why cashiers get so bent out of shape when you have coupons.

    adrienne Thanks! On that order I purchased 62 items and used 40 coupons, so it took a while. The way Walmart rings their stuff up it's hard to tell exactly how much you save unless you remember how much their regular price is before the price match.

  4. Great Job...
    I was REALLY TICKED at my Wal*Mart Friday.. they wouldn't let me use a flyer because the store wasn't "directly" in my town... UGH.. NOT a happy CAMPER!!!

  5. flip flop what's the mileage radius? I use Target, Kmart, Hyvee and they arent in my town. They are 15 miles north of me in another town. They have never said anything to me. I guess I'm lucky. If they ever say anything, I will vote with my feet and tell them to keep it all!

  6. What a great trip Lisa! I wish all SWM checkers were that pleasant.

  7. What a great trip Lisa! That's very nice of the cashier to be so helpful and get everything done without giving you headache. Nicely done! Now it's the storage dilema :) but it's a good thing to worry about :-)

  8. Wow, nice, and at Walmart too! If you think about it you should email Walmart about how nice and helpful your checker was, and how pleasant your experience. It's so rare, especially at places like that...


  9. Precious I wish all checkers were like her too.

    Jenny lol, yep, my storage has to be rearranged some what. But it's a good feeling.

    amiyrah Thanks! Getting deals like that doesnt happen everyday at my Wally. The stars aligned I guess.

    emily I was thinking about doing that. Only I will make sure her manager at the store knows too. I dont want it to "get lost" at corporate level.

    frugal I was very happy to score deals so good.... and I had my 11 year old son with me. That's rare!