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Friday Freebies

This week I recvd my BeingGirl sample gift. This "gift" contained 1 pad, 2 pantiliners, 1 fem wipe, and 3 tampons. It also had a coupon in it for a FREE 18 count package of Always Infinity Pads, $1 off a box of Tampax Pearls and $1.50 off Tampax Compak Pearls. The expiration dates on these are 2009 & 2010. Now I will sit back and wait for a CVS deal offering ECB's and use my coupons then! I consider it one of the better freebies a company offers. They are offering a free sample of their new Always Infinity pad. I'm sure it will include a wonderful coupon in it too!

I also recvd my free sample of Meow Mix Cat Food. With it came a coupon for a FREE cup of the wet food version. This is the big reason why I request FREE samples. 90% of the time they will come with an excellent coupon. These coupons wont be found in your weekly coupon inserts, they are better than that!

Now for this week's freebies. There were some good ones.

Is that not just the cutest coffee cup! I want one. I have one on the way. To get your FREE coffee cup go here: DigiLake Free Coffee Cup The form is very simple... you don't even have to enter your town or state, just the zip code.

Nature's Bounty is still offering their Free reusable shopping tote bag. If you havnt taken the time to request one, do it now.

Spaghetti anyone?

Try Bertolli's Premium Pasta sauce pouch for free!

I like to use Baby shampoo to shampoo my poodles. Here is a free sample of Johnson & Johnson Baby shampoo.


  1. Thanks for posting these freebies- this is great!

  2. anony You're welcome. I'm glad to know others find them useful also.

  3. Thanks Lisa! I love your Freebnie Posts!

  4. always infinity pads will be free after ECB week after next! So, you can use your coupon and get paid to take them....how great!(p.s.-this is a happy tone comment :o)

  5. precious I'm glad you guys love it. I hope you are starting to get some of the ones you've signed up for.

    amiyrah Thanks for letting me know, I was going to look over at HCW but hadnt got a chance yet. I love "legal shoplifting"!

  6. Thank YOU!! I enjoyed these!!!

  7. Lisa, Thanks for all the freebies posts. And I am sooo jealous. I used to have a teacup/toy poodle baby. I wanna poodle!!! tiny poodle, that is. I still cry whenever I see a white poodle!!


  8. flipflop mom Some weeks are better than others. I really hope to receive those coffee cups. I think they are so neat!

    Pam My two poodles are mini's. They are so smart and fun! One is a cream/apricot and the other is silver.

  9. thanks for visiting, and for that link for the coffee cup! i always keep the spoon in the cup when i drink my morning coffee anyway :)