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Does your home ever eat stuff?

No really, I'm not joking. One day it's there, and the next it's gone. Poof! Vanished! No where to be found.

I'm sooooo aggravated right now. I went to get my extra set of sheets out of my closet for hubby and I's bed Sunday. Top sheet and one pillow case there. This usually tells me that my oldest son has the rest of the set. He doesnt like to use a top sheet. Don't ask me why. That's another topic for another post on another day.

So I run downstairs to his room and no go! His sheets are on his bed.

Where in the world is it?

I have tore this freakin house apart. Cleaned out closets, looked in drawers and they arent here.

That was my favorite set of sheets too! The ones I like to keep on our bed in the fall/winter. So soft.

Usually things will show up a couple days after I quit thinking about it. But it's been a couple days and I cant stop thinking about it. I WANT MY SHEET!

Hubby says "Forget about it, buy another set!"

You cant buy a set of sheets like that now a days for less than $100. I DONT HAVE $100! I WANT MY SHEET!


  1. A sheet's a little hard to misplace, I'd think.

    Now, at our house, if it's a paycheck, sunglasses, keys to the camper, the straw out of my drink, or anything made of paper, it's probably in the cat's stash of stuff under our bed. Seriously.

  2. I hate top sheets too.. unless it's really hot, the air isn't on and I'm using it as my "blanket" for the night because I have to have something covering me. Actually I think we only have 1 or 2 top sheets now because I stopped buying them all together. Also hubbie and I sleep with separate blankets. We got sick of each other hogging the blanket and finally got our own. (my sister bought him his own for Christmas our first year married) and that settled it. 10 years married and it's stuck!

  3. OMG this made me laugh!

    Hmmm.. have you tried looking under the bed? Behind the dryer? pushed up behind other linens in the closet?

    I mean seriously.. how can a sheet just fly away? haha

  4. annie I agree, a sheet's a little hard to misplace... that's why I think my house ate it! What other explanation could there be?

    melissa my hubby and I fight over blankets also, but if we were to have separate blankets that's just more for me to keep up with. Hell, I cant even keep up with ONE set of sheets!

    anissa, under the bed? hang on...nope not there!

    Anyone else have any ideas where to look?

  5. Ask your DS if he took it for anything like camping in the backyard or making a hero-cape (something I see many kids do in my area) or ask older son if he used it wash his car (don't ask why I'd know this one).

  6. Jenny, I called oldest son because I thought maybe he took it to his house. Nope So I went by there and looked for myself! HAHA

    I asked youngest son, "i'm missing my sheet, did you take it out to your club house? Please tell me you did" He responded "heck no"

    I asked hubby, "did you take my sheet out to the shop for some reason? Please tell me you did." His reply "Nope, I have a whole bag of nice clean rags you made me still."

    ERRRRRRRRRRRRR! I WANT MY SHEET! (I keep thinking if I keep saying this it will come home)

    Any other ideas? ANYONE?

  7. Too bad it it isn't Fisher Price people that you lost; they used to multiply in the closet overnight in my house when the boys were little!

    Are you sure the washing machine didn't eat it, like it does socks? Just kidding you!

    Has anyone done any painting lately and used it for a drop cloth? If I can't find something that I know I had there is only one person in my house who is the culprit - DH since he is the only other one who lives here!

    I sure hope you find it. They are so expensive!

  8. Dang, that stinks! I'm kinda stuck on where a sheet would disappear as well. I know we've "lost" pillowcases under the fitted sheet when they were static-stuck there, but I think you'd notice a sheet under you while you slept! Maybe shoved down into a sofa? Or behind the washing machine? My DH once tossed something toward the washer/bin and it ended up behind it for a week until I looked for it.

  9. Precious lol My mother use to say that about our "little people" but with my boys it's always been Teenage mutant ninja turtles that multiply!

    rachel Oh good ideas! I will check both sofa and behind washer.

  10. We hurt for space, so we're constantly having to remember where we stashed things like a sheet set. It's always somewhere really brilliant that I think (at the time) I'll easily be able to remember. Then I spend days looking for it and cursing up a storm.

    Contrary to what you said, you can buy a new sheet set for well under $100. (My husband's eczema is really bad so we have to be careful what we buy. Tuesday Morning, if you have one in your area, lets us get high thread count for around $30-40. Also, Smartbargains.com is great.) But I can understand not wanting to get a whole new sheet set. Especially because you will inevitably find the sheet as soon as you come home with the new ones. It's like the connection between car washing and rain.

  11. Lisa,

    There's a pair of pants in my house SOMEWHERE that I haven't seen in about 3 years. Mom had a pair of shoes that have been missing about as long. Good luck, hope it turns up!

  12. abby- ok, I admit I was being a little over dramatic when stating $100. Yes I have a Tuesday morning along with some other stores I can get good quality sheets for less than $100.

    shelly- I need to start a tracking on my blog to keep track of things that go missing in this house. That's a funny idea hugh? Keep track of stuff that's already lost. haha