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National Coupon Month

September is National Coupon Month!

Did you know that the first coupon was issued in 1887 by Coca-Cola for free samples to promote their drink?

C.W. Post distributed coupons worth 1 cent off his Grape Nuts cereal in 1895.

In the 1930’s, because of the depression, everyone was trying to save money in every way. Coupons were a way for Americans to pinch their pennies.

By 1965, half of Americans had used coupons.

1998 America celebrated its 1st National coupon month in September and continues to do so each year.

NOTE: It is prohibited by law to duplicate coupons by a copy machine other than for demonstration or educational purposes.


  1. Very interesting. I had some old Spry shortening coupons from the 1940's, offering 10 cents off.

  2. When my kids weer little in the 1970's coupons were far and few in between!

  3. Happy Coupon Month! Very interesting post.....