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Are you Prepared?

Are you prepared for any emergency that would hit your area? Whether it be a tornado, a hurricane, or a earthquake, you should have an emergency kit and plan. For tips go to Protecting America.

You can also sign up for a FREE RADIO! Everyone should have a radio in their emergency kit.

The sign up is simple, just your name and address. The confirmation you will receive is:


Thank you for registering with ProtectingAmerica.org. Your information is being processed and you will receive your emergency radio shortly.


  1. Thank you for this Lisa. I responded to your comments on McCain-Palin in the comments on that post.

  2. Precious, those comments were not mine. I've changed my profile name to Lisa B.

    It seems a lot of people think her comments were mine cause we read a lot of the same blogs.

  3. Hi Lisa,

    I am sorry! This old lady got confused.