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Kool-Aid Pies

It would seem everyone has over loaded on the Kool-Aid sales here lately. My store had Kool-Aid on sale 20 for $1. Then I also had coupons, buy 10 packs get two FREE. So I was able to get 24 packs for $1. You can only drink so much Kool-Aid. I will be posting a couple other uses for Kool-Aid this week, so check back if you have a stock pile and wonder what you will do with all of it. There is Kool-Aid ice cream, Kool-Aid Jelly, Koolickles, Kool-Aid yarn, and more!

These recipes are old recipes I've had for years. One came from a cooking magazine in 2000 and the other came from a family member. They are quick summer desserts. We like the Strawberry pie the best. I also like that there is no sugar added to the Strawberry pie.

You can use ANY flavor of Kool-Aid. Strawberry, Cherry, Lemon-Lime (Key-Lime), and Lemonade (Lemon). All kids love any of the blue flavors. lol

For the crust you can:
Use a prepared graham cracker crust -or-
Make your own “pat in the pan graham cracker crust” -or-
The original recipe for the key-lime calls for you to make a vanilla wafer crust, lining bottom and sides of pan with 36 vanilla wafers. Be sure to spray pan with nonstick cooking spray.

Kool-Aid Key Lime Pie

1 12oz can evaporated milk
1 cup sugar
1 (.14 oz) envelope unsweetened lemon-lime Kool-Aid
1 8oz tub Whipped topping

Pour milk into a small metal or glass mixing bowl. Add beaters to the bowl, cover and chill for at least 2 hours.
Prepare 9 inch pie plate with chosen crust.
Beat milk until soft peaks form.
Add sugar and drink mix; beat until thoroughly mixed.
Spoon into prepared pie pan.
Freeze for at least 4 hours.
Spread whipped topping on top of pie and garnish with fresh lime slices.

Kool-Aid Strawberry Creme Pie

1 12oz can evaporated milk
1 (.14 oz) envelope unsweetened lemon-lime Kool-Aid
1 8oz tub Whipped topping

In a medium bowl mix Kool-Aid and condensed milk, thoroughly.
Fold in Cool Whip.
Spread in desired prepared pie crust.
If desired, spread more Cool Whip on top. Garnish with fresh strawberry slices.
Chill for a minimum of 4 hours.


  1. What a great idea! I've been looking for Kool-aid recipes and didn't find any that made me want to stop what I was doing and make! Well, I did try the super sour cherry drink and it wasn't too bad. Lime pie sounds better though!

  2. Thank you!!! I'm a little burned out on koolaid right now, so I'm looking for ways to use this up.

  3. OOOOHHHHH! I am going to try that Strawberry PIe! YUM!

    I e-mailed you Lisa.

  4. hmmm....I guess I don't have to finish my post on kool aid for my double agent series lol. Since we have a lot of the same readers, are there any other stockpile items that you're going to post other uses for? Just so I don't start(or stop working on) posts dedicated to them....

  5. I would love everyone's recipes on the Kool Aid. I have SO MUCH of it!

  6. Heather, Thanks for stopping by, let me know what you think when you try the pies.

    anony I'll be posting a couple other things to do with kool-aid also.

    precious the strawberry cream pie is our favorite of the kool-aid pies.

    amiyrah Finish your post, I'm sure there are more than three ways to use Kool-aid. I really dont think that everyone who reads my blog reads yours.

  7. I've had this recipe in my file for a long time, but have never tried it. Maybe I should.

    I have a recipe for homemade Gatorade. I thought I'd posted it, but maybe that was on an old blog I had. I should post it on the current one.