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My Price Chopper Deals

Went cherry picking at Price Chopper today. I did pretty well. I purchased 55 items, used 12 coupons, saving $47.75 off my order, which computes to 53% savings overall.

3-24 pack Pepsi products, regular price $7.99, on sale $5.99, buy 3 24 packs, recv additional $3 off. final cost $4.99 per case.

4 Purina Healthful Life Cat Chow $1.85ea used 4 $1.85 coupons, final cost FREE.

Frito Chips 3 for $5.

24 packs of Kool-Aid, regular price .22 each, on sale 20 for $1, found tearpad coupons for buy 10 packs get 2 FREE, final cost 24 for $1.

3 Kraft Mac & Cheese, regular price .95 each, on sale for .49 each.

3 Kraft 8oz chunk cheese, regular price $3.35ea, on sale for $1.99, used $1 off three Kraft Cheese coupons, final cost $4.97 for 3 ($1.66 each)

6 Kraft American Singles, regular price $2.49ea, on sale for $1.49, used 2 $1 off 3 Kraft Cheese coupons, final cost $6.94 for 6 ($1.16 each)

After picking all those great deals on Kraft products I headed over to the Planters Peanuts to see what kind of deal I could get using that $3 off any Planters nuts when you purchase 3 Kraft items. They had the 10oz jar for $2.79. Wooo Whoooo! Now if I can just pick a cashier that will not throw a shoe when I try to use it!

3 Planter Peanuts, $2.79 each, used $3 IP Planters coupon buy 3 Kraft or Oscar Mayer products, final cost FREE. Of course the register beeped, she stated she hated ip coupons, I asked her why. She said just the ones that were for more than the product was priced. I asked her why, she said because they get so many fraudulent coupons and then went on to punch it in anyway stating, "Dont worry about it, it's not like it's coming out of my pocket" and I told her "that's the way to look at it!" lol

1 Hunts Ketchup, regular price $1.55 each, on sale for $1.16

2 Price Chopper Hot dog buns $1.15 each

1 Mini Carrot $1.69

1 Sliced Mushrooms, regular price $2.18, on sale for $2.00

1 Crusty Baguette Bread, regular price $1.29, on sale for .60

So I was very pleased with this trip and my checker. She was very efficient and nice about the coupons. After the register printed out my receipt, she told me I saved $47.74...that's great! I told her thank you, smiling all the way to the car!

My hubby was very pleased with me coming home with change left out of my $50.
Now that everything has settled down and I've thought about this trip, I realize I made an error! I had a $5 off $50 purchase coupon I could have used. I forgot to get milk and that would have brought it up to around $48. I could have then used 2 more free cat food coupons to reach my $50 and then gotten another $5 off.... DANG IT!!!


  1. You did Great! I have lapses of memory like that and I just take it all in stride. There is always another deal!

  2. NIce stuff, good and interesting articles. I actually learn something today, that I’m on my way to try…

  3. precious-- That's how I'm trying to look at it, but it's hard knowing you left money on the table, especially $5 when it comes to coupons in an area that isnt very coupon friendly.

    used items-- I'm glad to know you found something helpful and educating here on my blog. Thank you for stopping by and be sure to come again.