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I've returned from Hell.....Temporarily

I keep hearing others say that if their home is not organized and clean they feel uncomfortable, uneasy, and frazzled.

I was begining to feel that way but couldnt put my finger on why. Then it all made sense after reading several blogs that mentioned it was because their homes were cluttered and unorganized.

I started thinking about why I hated doing laundry, and procrastinated when it came to it so bad and I figured it out. Actually doing the laundry is no big deal to me...BUT once it's done it is a major hassle to put it away in my home. All my closets (except for my stockpile pantry) are in disaray. We have wonderfully big closets BUT there is a clothing rod and a shelf in them and that's it. They need something more.

So I decided to start on boy wonder's closet first and therefore yesterday morning I bravely and slowly, fearing for my life, entered the zone in my home known as the hell hole. Here's a (oh my god I cant believe I'm putting this out there for all of you to see) BEFORE pic. It took me forever to clean that mess out. I found two bags of chips, 3 golf clubs, 6 baseball bats, 1 hockey stick, 5 baseballs, 1 basketball, and 1 soccer ball hidden in there! None of which is supposed to be in his bedroom closet. We have plenty of other storage places for these outside sporting items. Not to mention all the other broken toys/stuff I had to throw away. And there will be more purging today.

I hounded around for some type of organizer system and found the best price at a local Sutherlands made by Rubbermaid for $37.99. Hubby brought it home and it's now installed.

Now this am I'm off to find some tubs to put his "stuff" in and plastic hangers. I've decided wire hangers are not good for him. I'll post a pic of the finished closet as soon as I get it done. That maybe a while, that room is notrotious! Did I spell that right? Oh well, I'm sure "the major" will be along to correct me if I'm wrong.


  1. Hi Lisa,

    Looks like a typical boys closet before you clean to me. I had 2 boys and always dreaded cleaning their rooms with them. We did similar shelves in their closets when they were little. What I did was use dishpans for not only toys but for clothing that would fold and put certain itmes in each - for example: puzzle pieces in one, matchbox cars in another, sweaters in another,T-shirts in another. You get the idea. Then I labeled what was in them on the outside- all the way around in case they got put back wrong on the shelves. When they were real little instead of labels, pictures worked. This helped them do their own picking up and putting away. I found dishpans worked because they were inexpensive and they had no covers so made it easier for the boys to throw things in them. Have fun with your organizing!

  2. I agree that dispans are good tubs and are generally inexpensive. Let me know how you like those closet systems.

  3. Let me know if this system works out well - I'm considering something like that for my own since I also have only one hangin place and a shelve that I can't reach without a stepstool.

  4. Lisa,

    I think I need to organize my closet....it probably looks worse than your sons! It has all kinds of stuff in the top...as well as the bottom. It doesn't even have a door, just a curtain so the kitties crawl in it to hide. Maybe I'll get brave and post before and after shots. Good luck!