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CVS vs Kitty

I want your opinion here. Tell me who you think the winner is in this scenario.

I went to Cvs, picked up 4 Sally Hansen nail polish on sale for .99ea. (Along with other merchandise)

At time of check out, I handed the clerk 2 of the CVS coupons for $3 off 2 Sally Hansen coupons. He told me he wasnt sure what to do and needed to check with the manager.

She told him I could only use one coupon for the 4 polishes, since it would create overage and they do not pay overage. I told him I didnt want overage, I just wanted FREE nail polish, I would get two more (for a total of six using the two coupons) and he could adjust the coupons to $2.97 each.

She wouldnt go for that either. So I said fine, took back one coupon, and ended up paying $.96 for 4 of the nail polishes.

So when it's all boiled down, I wanted two nail polishes for FREE using the coupon.

I got 3 nail polishes for FREE, and only paid .96 (which is less than the sale price) for the fourth one.

Now, my question to you is, Who do you think came out ahead?
I have 3 more of these coupons. Had she taken one coupon for 2 polishes, she would have been out 8 polishes (2 for each of my 4 coupons). But the way she wants to work the deal she will receive $3.84 and I will receive 16 bottles of the polish! That's .24 per bottle.

I dont understand why this manager continues to cut her nose off to spite her face.


  1. For some reasons it pains them to see us save money so some of the casheers make it their goal to disagree with every single step. I don't understand their thinking either but if they refuse my coupons I walk away to another store.

  2. What a pain! I'm not quite sure what her "logic" was for not taking two of your coupons, since they clearly say $3 off 2 and you had two coupons for four polishes - seems fine to me! Could you break up your transaction and just buy 2 nail polishes at a time? They'll probably adjust the coupon down to $1.98, but then at least they're free.

  3. I stopped guessing a LONG TIME AGO as to whay cashiers and managers do what they do! UGH! Guess they outsmarted themselves this time? HUH? LOL!

  4. I used this coupon this week also. Each time, I purchased 3 and the coupon was adjusted down to $2.97. The cashier stated the register was directing her to do that. Although one adjusted to $2.83 ~ I don't know why that one was different.