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CVS shopping today

My Cvs shopping was better than normal today. Normally they will take all manufacturer coupons and only ONE IP cvs coupon.

I did two orders. Neither netted me any new ecb's but they were good deals any way.

1st order:

6 Herbal Essence Shampoo 2 for $5 = $15
minus 3 $3 off 2 manuf. coupons
minus 1 $3 off $15 IP CVS coupon
used a $2 Ecb
used a $1 Ecb
subtotal was $0! Ka-Ching for me!!
OOP=Had to pay 6.975% sales tax of .63

Now I'm stocked up on shampoo for 6 months!! I love CVS!

2nd order:
4 Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Polish @ .99 each
1 Zipper Binder $12.99

minus 1 IP CVS Beauty SH coupon $3
minus 1 IP CVS $3 off $15
OOP was $11.93, I chose not to use my ECB's on this order since I was buying the binder to reorganize my coupons. I've been wanting to try this system but all the binders I've seen are so expensive and I really didnt like how they were made.

I'm working on the binder and will post some pics after I have it done.

Happy Hounding those deals! I gotta go get some more of those nail polish tomorow. They are going in the girls' gift baskets for Christmas! What girl wont like FREE nail polish?

1 comment:

  1. Hi Lisa,

    Excellent CVS shopping this morning! Those deals seem to be getting fewer and fewer.

    I use a binder method for my coupons and love it. Enjoy making yours.