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Tuesday's Pet Food Shopping

My normal Tuesday Price Chopper run for pet food stacked up like this today:

12 Beneful Dog Prepared Meals $1.58ea $18.96
6 Healthful Life Cat Food bags $1.85ea $11.10
6 Purina Friskies Pata lrg canned .85ea $ 5.10
2 Malt O Meal Cinnamon Toast Cereal $1ea $2.00
2 Sunkist Tuna Pouches $1.25ea $2.50
Sub-Total $39.66

1 Purina coupon 12 cans/pouches FREE up to $19.56 took off $19.56...60 overage here
3 Purina coupons 2 cans/pouches FREE up to $3.26 took off $5.10
6 Purina coupons 1 Healthful Life cat chow bags FREE up to $2.12ea took off $11.10
2 Malt O Meal coupons $1 off any size any variety took off $2
1 Sunkist Tuna Pouch coupon $1 off 2 took off $1

Plus tax $2.25
Waaaaaa Whoooooooo!


  1. You just keep getting better! Isn't that fantastic!
    Great Job... Keep it UP!!!!

  2. annie that trip was not a normal trip for me. I dont always have such great coupons, You know we live in the land of no triples, very few doubles and crappy denomination on coupons that come out. I enjoyed that shopping trip for a change.

    anony thanks! like I said, these great trips are not a norm for me in my area. But I'm trying to find ways to get better coupons since the ones in our paper are crappy! Like the .35 electrasol coupon this past week. Most others got a MUCH better coupon.

  3. Lisa,

    You did great on all that pet food! I still have to get all my Free Healthful Life. I keep forgetting!

  4. Ooh, I am so jealous of all that freebie cat food. :) Great job! Did you say anything special when you called the pet food company? Did you request or mention you'd love coupons? I might have to give that a try too.

  5. Precious :( You keep forgetting? Uhh Ohhh. Get those coupons used girl!

    frugalsuz I told them I loved their products, so much, that Purina was fed to my two poodles, one black labrador, 1 basset hound, and 5 cats and was wondering if she could send me any coupons.

  6. That's a wonderful deal! You got $38 worth of freebies that's 97% savings!