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CVS Trip Is A Wash


2 bags of Peanut Dark M&M, 2/$5 minus $1.50 man coupon
4 bags of Life Savers, BOGO @ $2.19 each minus 2 BOGO man coupon= FREE!
Infusium Shampoo, clearanced @ $3.50 minus $3 man coupon
Revlon Lip Color, $9.99
CVS 15 count makup wipes, $2.99 minus $2 CVS skin care coupon
1 King Size Hershey Bar (for the love of my life) $1

My sub-total before coupons was $26.86

Coupoons I used:
1 CVS skin care coupon= $2
4 Manufacturer Coupons=$8.88

Total after coupons $15.98

I used $6.96 in ECB’s

My total OOP was $9.02

I received $15.99 in ECB’s back and a raincheck for the Intuition razors that are on sale for $3.99 that I have 2 $4 off coupons for, which will make them FREE. I so love that word! FREE

This really irked me that they were out. This product has no ECB's tied to it, and when I asked for a raincheck you would have thought I was asking for all the money in their cash drawer.

Now that I have slept on it, I think I will go back today and insist that they special order them for me, that way I will be sure to get my two razors, instead of having to keep checking back. That will also ensure I am able to use my coupons before they expire. I wonder what kind of grief I will get over requesting a special order?

So, if you add up my ECB’s I used plus my OOP that is $15.98 minus the ECB’s I received back of $15.99, I’m going to call this trip a wash. What do you think?

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  1. I think you MADE a PENNY! You did great! You go call them and have them special order the razors for you! :-)