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Mail Call!

Wooo-Whooooo! Loookeeee what I got in the mail today.

My bag from the Green Bag Lady came! It has pics of Elvis on the handle. How cool is that?

I couldnt wait to take it shopping, so I went to CVS. I didnt have my camera with me at CVS, so I took this pic as soon as I got home showing you my steals from there. All her bags are numbered. My bag is #770.

See the white label there in between the handles? It has all her info on it, the number of the bag and her logo, "Paper or Plastic?" FABRIC!

Thank you so much Teresa.


  1. That's a neat bag! I'm still waiting on my bag from Earthbound Farms. But they were kind enough to send an email explaining that they had more requests than anticipated and that anyone who hasn't received their bag yet will in the near future.

  2. Very nice bag! and tastefully done too.

  3. Nice bag! I'm still waiting on my purple one to come in the mail from Earth Day. I am really impressed with your work in boy wonder's closet. You're very brave. LOL. Good thing you dind't find any old food. Good luck with the organizing. I know exactly where you are coming from with letting your hubby plan the food. I sort of tricked DF into thinking he was choosing the menu. I told him I had tons of BBQ food in the freezer and he could "be in charge" of the menu. Basically he was limited to what I had on hand(which there was obviously plenty to choose from). The only impromptu thing was the watermelon, but I couldn't turn down 99cents for 1 large watermelon, 2 pks of ballpark hot dogs, and 1 pack of hot dog buns. That's like 24cents per item. Great job on your deals at CVS today too!

    I laughed pretty hard about the comment about "the major" coming along for corrections. HAHAHA.

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