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1-4-09 Coupon Sneak Peak

WooooWhooooo! Thanks Doulas2babes over at HCW for the peak on three of the 4 inserts! Hopefully we will get a peak at the other Red Plum soon too. This list is not definite for all areas, but this is out of Ohio.
Check out the Electrasol.... up from $2.25 to $2.50.
Good Life cat/dog food $3! FINALLY! My kitties and puppies will be so happy. If you have any good life coupons you would like to trade, let me know.

SmartSource #1

Airborne $2/1 any (ex. 3-1-09)
Beech-nut $1/1 any Let’s Grow! Product (ex. 4-30-09)
Betty Crocker $0.25/1 any box or pouch potatoes, except potato buds (ex. 2-28-09)
Betty Crocker $0.50/2 any flavor Fruit by the Foot, Fruit Gushers, Fruit Roll-ups or Fruit Roll-ups stickerz fruit flavored snacks (ex. 2-28-09)
Betty Crocker $0.50/2 any variety Fruit Flavored Shapes (ex. 2-28-09)
Chef Boyardee $0.35/3 any can or microwave pastas (ex. 2-28-09)
Colgate $1/1 any total advanced whitening, total advanced clean, or total advanced fresh toothpaste only. 4.0 oz. or larger (ex. 1-24-09)
Colgate $0.75/1 any toothpaste adult or children’s, 4.0 oz. or larger (ex. 1-24-09)
Colgate $0.75/1 any adult manual toothbrush (ex. 1-24-09)
Cool Whip $0.50/1 any whipped topping in a can (ex. 2-1-09)
Drinkables $3/1 any liquid joint care (ex. 4-30-09)
Drinkables $2/1 any liquid supplement (ex. 4-30-09)
Fiber One $0.50/1 any box, any flavor chewy bars (ex. 2-28-09)
Freschetta $1/1 any Pizzamore Pizza (ex. 3-8-09)
GE Energy Smart $1/1 any compact fluorescent lighting product (ex. 3-31-09)
General Mills $1/3 any cereals (ex. 2-14-09)
Glucerna $1.50/1 any product (ex. 3-1-09)
Glucerna $3/2 any products (ex. 3-1-09)
Healthy Ones $0.75/1 lb. of meat sliced from the deli or any package of deli pre-sliced (ex. 3-31-09)
Healthy Ones $0.75/1 any packaged lunchmeat, franks or smoke sausage (ex. 3-31-09)
Hershey’s $0.75/1 any 100 calorie bars, 4.4 oz. or larger, OR Snacksters, 4.44 oz. or larger (ex. 3-31-09)
Jell-O $0.50/1 any pudding or gelatin snacks (ex. 2-1-09)
Nature Valley $0.50/1 any flavor/variety granola bars (ex. 2-28-09)
Oust Buy 1, Get 1 FREE surface disinfectant & air sanitizer, up to $4.25 (ex. 2-28-09)
Oscal $2.50/1 any (ex. 5-2-09)
Palmolive $0.25/1 any dish liquid (ex. 1-24-09)
Palmolive $0.75/1 any pure + clear liquid dish soap, 20 oz. (ex. 1-24-09)
Pillsbury $0.55/1 any frozen Grands! Cinnamon rolls or mini cinnamon rolls (ex. 3-28-09)
Pillsbury $0.40/1 any frozen Grands! Biscuits, cinnamon rolls, mini cinnamon rolls, or dinner rolls (ex. 3-28-09)
Pillsbury $0.35/1 any Toaster Strudel pastries (ex. 3-28-09)
Pillsbury $0.30/1 any sweet rolls or Grands! Sweet rolls (ex. 3-28-09)
Pillsbury $0.25/1 any crescent dinner rolls (ex. 3-28-09)
Post $1/2 any shredded wheat cereals (ex. 2-15-09)
Reese’s $1/2 any Whipps bars, 1.9 oz. or larger (ex. 3-31-09)
Snapp’s $0.50/1 any item (ex. 6-30-09)
Total $0.75/1 any whole grain, raisin bran, honey clusters cranberry crunch, or cinnamon crunch (ex. 2-14-09)
Yoplait $0.50/1 any flavor Kid’s cup yogurt or yogurt drink (ex. 2-28-09)
Yoplait $0.75/2 any go-gurt yogurt, go-gurt fizzix, go-gurt smoothie, trix multipack (ex. 2-28-09)
Yoplait $0.35/1 any go-gurt yogurt, go-gurt fizzix, go-gurt smoothie, kids cup yogurt, kids yogurt drink, trix multipack (ex. 2-28-09)

Baskin Robbins (all ex. 1-31-09)
Buy any cone, get one FREE
Buy any sundae, get one FREE
$3 off any cake
$1 off any bright choices product

SmartSource #2

Air Wick $1/2 any scented oil refills (ex. 2-15-09)
Air Wick FREE warmer unit when you buy any scented oil refill fragrance (ex. 2-15-09)
Aleve $1/1 any 20 ct. or larger (ex. 3-31-09)
Aleve-D $1/1 any (ex. 3-31-09)
Alka-Seltzer Plus $1/1 any (ex. 3-31-09)
Aquafresh $0.75/1 any premium toothpaste (advanced, extreme clean, white & shine or sensitive) 5.6 oz. or larger (ex. 4-18-09)
Aquafresh $1/1 any premium toothbrush (aquafresh gel flex or deep action) (ex. 4-18-09)
Bayer Aspirin $1/1 any 24 ct. or larger (ex. 2-28-09)
Beano $1/1 any product, 30 ct. or larger (ex. 3-31-09)
Beano $0.50/1 any To Go product, 12 ct. only (ex. 3-31-09)
Bird’s Eye Steamfresh $0.35/1 any vegetable or rice variety (ex. 2-14-09)
Bird’s Eye Steamfresh $2/1 any meals for two (ex. 2-14-09)
Boost $2/2 any multipacks nutritional energy drink (ex. 2-15-09)
Boost $2/2 any multipacks glucose control nutritional drink (ex. 2-15-09)
Campbell’s $0.40/2 any condensed soups, except chicken noodle, tomato and creams (ex. 3-31-09)
Campbell’s $0.40/4 any chicken noodle and tomato condensed soups (ex. 3-31-09)
Campbell’s $0.40/2 any 26 oz. condensed soups (ex. 3-31-09)
Campbell’s $0.50/2 any Chunky Healthy Request soups (ex. 3-31-09)
Campbell’s $0.50/2 any Select Harvest Healthy Request soups (ex. 3-31-09)
Campbell’s $0.40/2 any Healthy Request condensed soups (ex. 3-31-09)
Campbell’s $0.40/4 any condensed cooking soups (ex. 3-31-09)
Campho-Phenique $1/1 any (ex. 3-31-09)
Citracal $1/1 any product, excluding creamy bites (ex. 3-31-09)
Citrucel $2/1 any smartfiber soft chews (ex. 2-5-09)
Citrucel $1/1 any product: orange powder, sugar free orange powder, caplets and soft chews (ex. 2-5-09)
Electrasol $2.50/1 any powerball tabs, gelpacs or quantum (ex. 2-1-09)
FiberChoice $3/1 any 90ct. fiber supplements (ex. 2-1-09)
Flintstones $1/1 any multivitamin (ex. 3-31-09)
Healthy Life $0.50/1 any bread, buns or English muffins (ex. 3-31-09)
Healthy Life $0.50/1 any 100% Natural 100% whole grain bread (ex. 3-31-09)
Lysol $0.50/1 any bathroom cleaner (ex. 3-2-09)
Lysol $0.50/1 any toilet bowl cleaner (ex. 3-2-09)
Lysol $0.50/1 any all purpose cleaner trigger, antibacterial kitchen cleaner or plus bleach (ex. 3-2-09)
Lysol $1/1 any disinfectant spray, 12 oz. or larger (ex. 3-2-09)
Lysol $1/1 any disinfecting wipes (ex. 3-2-09)
Lysol $0.50/1 any all purpose cleaner pourable (ex. 3-2-09)
MIR Form for bayer, aleve, aleve-d, oneaday, neo-synephrine, alka-seltzer plus, campho-phenique, flintstones, citracal phillips’
Neo-Synephrine $1/1 any (ex. 3-31-09)
One A Day $1/1 any adult or teen multivitamin (ex. 3-31-09)
Phillips’ $1/1 any (ex. 3-31-09)
Polident or Poligrip $1/2 any (ex. 3-28-09)
Pop Secret $0.50/2 any flavor or variety microwave popcorn (ex. 2-15-09)
Resolve $1/1 any (ex. 2-15-09)
Spray ‘n Wash $0.50/1 any product (ex. 2-15-09)


3 Musketeers $0.50/1 any miniatures bag, original or mint (ex. 4-5-09)
ALL or Surf $0.40/1 any laundry detergent (ex. 2-22-09)
ALL $1.50/1 any 96-load or larger liquid laundry detergent (ex. 2-22-09)
Caltrate $3/1 any, except 30ct. (ex. 3-31-09)
Centrum $3/1 any, except 30ct. (ex. 3-31-09)
Centrum $3/1 Silver, any except 30ct. (ex. 3-31-09)
Centrum $3/1 Cardio, any (ex. 3-31-09)
Centrum $3/1 Performance, any (ex. 3-31-09)
Centrum $3/1 Kids, any (ex. 3-31-09)
Crisco $0.75/1 any Puritan canola oil with omega-3 DHA (ex. 3-31-09) DND
Flex-a-min $5/1 any joint care product (ex. 2-15-09)
Goodlife Recipe $0.50/1 treats for cats (ex. 4-5-09)
Goodlife Recipe $3/1 food for dogs or cats (ex. 4-5-09)
Goodlife Recipe $1/1 treats for dogs (ex. 4-5-09)
Hillshire Farms $0.55/1 any deli select lunchmeats, 8 oz. or larger (ex. 2-15-09) – Do not double or triple
Hillshire Farms $0.65/2 any deli select 5 oz. lunchmeats (ex. 2-15-09) – Do not double or triple
Jif $1/3 any peanut butter products (ex. 3-31-09)
Quaker $1/1 any high fiber instant oatmeal (ex. 3-31-09)
Quaker $1/2 any oatmeal to go breakfast bars (ex. 3-31-09)
Quaker $1.35/2 any instant oatmeal (ex. 3-31-09)
Quaker $0.60/1 any old fashioned or quick oats 18 oz. or larger (ex. 3-31-09)
Quaker $0.50/1 any oatmeal squares creal 16 oz. or larger (ex. 3-31-09)
Quaker $1/1 any true delights granola bars (ex. 2-28-09)
Quaker $1/2 any Life cereal (ex. 3-31-09)
Quaker $1/2 any boxes of chewy granola bars, any variety (ex. 2-28-09)
Real Simple $2/1 magazine (ex. 2-8-09)
Robitussin $1/1 any product (ex. 4-30-09)
Slimfast $1.40/1 any ready-to-drink multipack or powder canister (ex. 3-31-09)
Slimfast $1.25/1 any bars multipack (ex. 3-31-09)
Slimshots $3/1 any liquid appetite controller (ex. 4-30-09)
Smuckers $0.35/1 any jam, jelly, preserves or fruit spread product (ex. 3-31-09)
Smuckers $0.55/1 any natural peanut butter (ex. 3-31-09)
Thermacare $1/1 any heatwraps, excluding trial sizes (ex. 3-1-09)
Thermacare $1.50/1 any arthritis heatwraps, excluding trial sizes (ex. 3-1-09)
Tropicana $1/2 any 64oz. Pure Premium Juice products (ex. 3-31-09)
Wishbone $0.60/1 any salad spritzers dressings, 7 oz. (ex. 2-28-09)
Wishbone $0.75/2 bottles of bountifuls dressings 9.5 oz., wishbone dressings or western dressings 16 oz. or larger (ex. 2-28-09)


  1. Thank you! Thank you Lisa!! I'm so excited. Definitely gonna get my 10 papers. I Love the Electrasol Q. the is a $1.50 Electrasol MIR, so this Q will make it a MM. Thanks for posting :-)

  2. Oh I think I'll have to pick up one or two papers this weekend afterall. These are too good to miss. Thank you for heads-up!

  3. Thanks for the great list!! I have been worried since a lot of my coupons expire 12/31/08. This will be perfect to restock my coupon stash. My cat loves Good life cat chow too!

  4. Hi Lisa.. I have some goodlife coupons. I have put up a list here... I am trading these as i dont have pets at home.


    Let me know if u r interested.