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Snow Day.....

Well the kids down here dont have school today as well as a lot of others around the area. My yard isnt even covered! I'm sure the bosshole will let me drive all the way into work and then after an hour send me home. Errrrrrrr.....

All I got to say is this .....

I hope all my friends in Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and New York are still hanging in there. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you.


  1. Funny picture!

    I was surprised that school was closed, too, but they all seem to be in this area. Was there ice under the snow, mabye? As you can see, I don't keep up with the news/weather very well. LOL!

    Have a good (and safe) day, wherever you end up!

  2. You forget its early winter in MO - they close every time the sky sneezes. Wait until Feb & they will make the kids go to school with 6 inches of ice on the road ;)

    Be careful driving up to work! They just showed 71 on the news...not pretty at all :(

  3. annie my yard was not even covered with snow. It suprised me too but I guess the country roads are still too bad for the buses.

    sarah 71hwy was ok on my way in. You couldnt fly 70 or 80 mph but a moderate 55 got me here with no incident. How was your way in to work?

  4. sarah Oh crap, I forgot you're stuck at home recovering! sorry.

  5. LOL. Either way my commute is only 2 miles, so at the most its taken me 15 minutes in pure ice. Not too bad :)