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Missouri weather SUCKS!

It has been so windy here since yesterday. We had a wind advisory since yesterday morning. I'm talking winds that about knock you off your feet and make it difficult to drive in. They were southernly winds that warmed the temps up to 57 degrees.

They are still blowing but within the next 5-6 hours the temperature is suppose to drop.......... 50 freakin degrees!

Ohhhhhh, I just hope the wind goes away!

I hate the wind!

I'm outta here, got to go get my papers and do a little shopping while it's still bearable outside.


  1. I hate to tell you but you probably have more coming. Usually the weather that goes through here heads your way. We have wind now and rain on the horizon.

  2. When I lived in Bowling Green, OH we called it "Blowing Green". The reason? Because Toledo Sucks and Miami blows. Haha, ok that was the joke that went around campus. But really, it got super windy quite often. It was really a workout to walk across campus to get to class, even though the campus wasn't hilly. It was cause of the wind.

    I don't remember much about my life in Missouri since it was so short! My family lives in Cleveland, MI. All I remember is how cool it looked to watch a storm come in cause you could see it a long ways away. :)

  3. There are some benefits to recovery....my dad is going out to get my papers for me today :)

  4. You're not kidding! We were out this morning at Ryan's for a Christmas breakfast with my in-laws. It was 62° when we got home at 10:45. By 12:45 it was 31°. Did you see that we also have snow forecasted for a few different days this week? I agree...it SUCKS.

  5. Precious :( I heard.

    krystalily That was funny! haha

    sarah well my hubby didnt offer to fight the wind to get my papers, BUT while I was out getting them he had cooked up tacos for lunch!

    annie I hope you dont have to go out much this week if its yucky. I do have Monday off, but I think Wednesday is going to be the really bad day unless they changed the forecast.