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Walgreens and Cvs Deals & OOP's

I've been really busy shopping and getting some great deals!

Here's my Walgreen trips today. I'm still trying to learn how to shop at Wag's. I havnt figured out what coupons I can use together. They wont let you use all of them at once. If anyone has any tips or advice or can tell me what I did wrong, please leave me a comment.

store 1
gift bag $2.99
Schick trimmer razor $6.99
4 Reynolds Foil $1.69 each
minus $3 easy saver coupon for razor
minus $4 mfg coupon for razor from all you magazine
minus .99 7 day wags coupon x 4 for foil
minus $1.00 mfg coupon for foil x 4
OOP $4.03 used gift card to pay

store 2
transaction 1
Tried to buy 2 3 pack scotch tape and use 1 $1 mfg coupon and $2 RR. NO GO!
She made me buy 3 3 pack scotch tape and .59 candy. Then she let me use $1 mfg coupon for tape and $2 RR. OOP .79

transaction 2
tried to buy 2 tape ($2), 1 schick razor/trimmer ($6.99), folger coffee ($2.50) and 6 foil ($1.69)and use $1 mfg coupon for tape, $3 esr for razor, $4 mfg coupon for razor, 6 $1 mfg coupon for foil and the .99 7 day coupon for foil x 6. and pay with $6 rr. NO GO!!
She let me buy 2 foil (using the .99 7 day coupon and 2 $1 mfg coupons), 1 schick razor/trimmer (use ONLY the esr $3 coupon), folger coffee, 2 3 pack of tape (NO COUPON ALLOWED) OOP $9.12

I left very confused and headed to the 3rd WAGs to at least get more foil. I still had that $6 rr and I hate keeping them.

3rd store
transaction 1
cologne set 6.99 used that darn $6 rr so my OOP $1.07

transaction 2
4 foil, 1 mt dew, 2 candy canes. used 4 $1 mfg coupon on foil with the .99 7day foil coupon and the .39 7 day coupon on candy canes. OOP $1.94.

CVS trips
store 1 using my card
3 Gillette Venus 1ct razors $5.99 each
1 salted peanut .50
used 3 $4 Venus mfg coupons
used $1 &$5 ecb
OOP .49
$5 ecb back for $15 gillette deal

store 2 using my son's card
transaction 1
1 Complete contact solution $8.99
minus $2 IP coupon
OOP $7.49
recvd $8.99 ecb back

transaction 2
3 12 count soft chew rolaids plus $2.49 each
1 rolaids soft chew 6 ct roll (neither one of us caught that this was only 6 count)
1 gillette venus 1 ct $5.99
1 gillette fusion $9.99
1 gillette fusion shave cream $1.89
used 4 $1 rolaid coupons ( they did beep and she had to manually enter them)
used $4 Vocal Point Venus mfg coupon
used $4 P&G fusion mfg coupon
used $8.99 ecb from previous transaction
OOP $4.56
recvd $5 ecb for $15 Gillette deal and $6 ecb for rolaids

So let me know what I could have done to get my OOP's lower, especially on that wag's deal!


  1. I'm the wrong person to ask since I don't do the drugstore games, and I don't even know what an rr is! LOL!

    But I do know that at our Walgreen's, I was able to buy 2 jars of Skippy the other day, using the Walgreen's coupon from their flyer and 2 mfgr. coupons. I wasn't sure if I could stack all three coupons, but I asked first and the cashier said it would be no problem.

  2. Not sure if you know this but at wags you have to have ne item for every coupon you use. So if you're using an easy saver coupon and a MFC on the same product you need a filler for the second coupon. The register rewards are the same way. They consider it a MFC so that's why you needed to add the candy.

    If you alread know this, I'm sorry! :)

    Good buys though!!! Love your Venus idea - I have 2 of those $4 coupons left was thinking about a way to use them... ;)

  3. Transactions at Walgreens can be complicated. The manager at my Walgreens is so nice and helpful. He has helped me with my transactions several times. I found the Walgreens 101 at moneysavignmom.com very helpful with understanding all of the rules to Walgreens shopping at Walgreens.

  4. Just like Lindsay said: They count those RR's as a coupon. So if you have 3 items, you can only use 3 coupons. If you use a coupon for foil then you can't use an RR on it. However you can use a Walgreens coupn from their ad along with a manufacturer's coupon.