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Guess where I get to go?

I'm so excited! Like a kid knowing they are going to the candy store. Well it's pretty much like that! It a special little place tucked outside of the Kansas City area, on the outskirts of Lee's Summit Missouri.

Here in a little bit I'll be headed for Cockrell Mercantile Company. Their store(s)is like taking a step back in time. A country store full of gourmet foods, coffees, teas and any kind of kitchen gadget you can imagine! I've been told they arent cheap, so I doubt if I buy anything but I cant wait to visit the store. As a matter of fact there are actually five stores full of everything and anything a woman who loves to cook needs, plus lawn and garden things! A small mini town.

Other than their main mercantile store they have the Fiesta Cottage. Wall to wall, ceiling to floor, full of Fiesta Ware! Moving on down their walkway is Cockrell Cottage, Cockrell Annex and last but not least is the Morton House.

Cockrell Cottage is full of home decor items such as candles, signs, baby gifts, and handbags to name just a few.

Cockrell Annex is full of lawn and garden items such as bird houses, bird baths, and anything to decorate your porch with.

And finally there is the Morton House. This is where you will find all your baking needs and supplies. Cookie cutters, baking pans, and bakeware everywhere!

I bet they are all decorated up for the holidays! I just cant wait to go see!


  1. Enjoy! I would love to go there- especially to the baking one and the Fiestaware one!

  2. I've never been there, although I lived in Lee's Summit for 3 years. I should do go sometime. Hope you had a good time.

  3. So did you buy anything?