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My Stockpile

A year ago I started stockpiling buying items on sale using coupons to get them FREE or pennies on the dollar. Here's my personal mini store after two months...

Here's my mini store today....

I try not to stockpile excessively. I dont have 30 boxes or cans of any one item. I feel for my family and what we use, my mini store is a well rounded & balanced stockpile we can work from. There is items to make full meals, not just a hodge podge of things because they were free or cheap.

These pictures were taken after I removed 3 bags of items to send to boy wonder's school for their Christmas food drive also. Giving makes everyone feel so good.

Have you given any of the fruits of your stockpiling labors from this year?


  1. AWESOME!!!!!!! I love it!! Keep up the good work honey! :)

  2. I feel the same way, I keep enough items that I can reasonably use and donate the rest. I don't see the sense in stockpiling tons of stuff that I won't use or won't get to before it expires. There are many other people in need, so I try to donate as much as I can. Great pics!

  3. Hi Lisa,

    Very nice stockpile! I give away a lot of what I buy either to family or the food pantry. You might as well burn your money and not waste the time shopping if you are getting to let it expire. I just gave 10 bags of cat litter to the Cat Rescue and they were very happy! I bet you are thrilled to have that stockpile of "foil" now!

  4. Nice pics!

    I have been really happy to be able to make donations to Operation Christmas Child, Meals on Wheels, a local church's donation drive and the animal shelter recently. I'm in such a different place than I was last year, and I hope that it's opening my heart :) Feels good!


  5. I don't hound the way you do, but I do stockpile in other ways. I was easily able to give a full bag of food items for the school's food drive earlier this week. I really like participating in food drives and have never had to go out and buy items. I've always had plenty on hand.

  6. I like having a good amount of something, even if it is 30 cans of whatever(I know you saw my gravy pic). In my famiiy, there always seems to be someone that is in need. By having a great amount of something(if I have room) I can immediately take action and help out. For example, right after I posted the pic of my gravy on the pound, I found out that my cousin is struggling more than we all thought. Now I can give her not only many cans of gravy, but one of my FREE turkey breasts I got, lots of pasta, canned tomatoes and even a few bags of cookie mix so they can "treat" themselves and life their spirits a bit.

    I also do my "karma box" around the area where I live. Sometimes going a bit overboard pays off in the end.

  7. lindsay thanks!

    frugalsuz I just helped my mother go through my aunts stockpile (the aunt who passed a little over a month ago). There were many items outdated and I believe it was due to her not rotating her stock properly. There really wasnt any one thing excessive.... but it set off a lecture from my mother to me about my stockpiling more than was reasonable. I explained to her I only had excessive amounts of kleenex, foil and cotton ponies... which none will expire... I would expire before they did! lol ;)

    precious Thanks! I give some away to my parents and my oldest son who lives with my parents and is only part time temporary employed right now... So since they dont charge him rent I give them all three all I can. My mother enjoys anything I give her that is non-food. The woman is excellent at meal planning and stretching a dollar there but is not good at getting health & beauty items reasonable. I'm putting together a BIG donation for my son's drive at school that will be delivered Monday when I'm off. Another item to go on my list to seriously stockpile is my pets' food. I no longer have a stockpile. There has to be a good sale coming up.

    emily I too am in such a different but way better place now than at this time last year. I've learned so much over this past year. Anyone who has been successful at stockpiling this past year should be proud of themselves.

    annie as my grandpa would say "there is more than one way to skin a cat"! Keep up what works for you! ;)

    amiyrah yeah I seen your wonderful picture of the "gravy pyramid" on the grocery challenge thread. I know you do a TON of giving and I'm sure you wont let your gravy expire. I'm sorry to hear about your cousin and will keep her in my prayers. Keep up the great work you do amiyrah.

  8. Lisa,

    You are SO GOOD to your family and other people and SUCH a GOOD person! I am a firm believer in what goes around comes around!

    What pet food coupons do you need?

  9. Precious I have 5 cats (2 indoors and 3 outdoors) that I feed dry and wet food to. I have two toy poodles that I also feed wet and dry food to. I am not brand loyal, just cheap! :)

  10. Lisa,

    Love the pictures! DBF has offered to put up some shelves in my basement for my stockpile, but I have to clean/organize the basement first.

    I started stockpiling seriously in Febuary. I keep what I know I can use and give the rest away. I've got Christmas present for several family memebers made up of only things I've gotten free or nearly free from CVS!

    Yesterday I decided to gather some things up for a co-worker. Her husband is getting less than a $1000 a month in unemployment and she makes the same as me. They have 4 kids to support. I don't know how they are doing it.

    It feels good to help others!