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Connecticut Wal-Mart Gives Santa The Boot!

Unemployed Barry Goldberg decided he would like to do a little giving of his own this season. He went to Lisbon Landing's wal-mart and purchased 130 gift cards and began handing them out at the front of the store.

Management booted him out the door stating he was soliciting and wasnt allowed to do this even though he had purchased the cards from them 20 minutes prior.

Goldberg has been contacted by Target with the offer to bring the 44 remaining Wal-Mart gift cards to them, trade them in for Target cards and hand them out at the front of their store, no problems.... no hassle!

WAY TO GO WAL-MART, THAT'S THE SPIRIT! Makes me wanna rush right out and spend my hard earned dollars at your store.

To read the full story go here.

(note: I am proud to say that Wal-Mart has gotten $0 of my money this holiday season. No gifts, no trimmings, no food has been bought there!)


  1. Good for target recognizing what this wonderful person had done! I hope Target gets more publicity than Wal-Mart for this. Wal-Mart is awful! I never go there anymore period! Last time I went was about 2 years ago to buy a vacuum cleaner because my MIL thought they'd be cheaper there. NEVER AGAIN! Long lines and rude cashiers. No thanks!

  2. Just great! After Wally got this guy's money, they give him the boot. Just another reason for people to NOT shop at Walmart. Hats off to Target for recognising a good deed.

  3. The sad thing is that walmart still profits $440 off of this because the giftcards wont be used there. They were given the cash & now dont have to produce any goods for them.

    I dont know the last time when I was in a Walmart...maybe last weekend? But my trips there are getting further & further between. Not bad considering I used to go 2-3 times a week!

  4. Wow, great job Walmart (not). That's so sad, but its nice to hear Target did a counter-offer. I haven't been to Walmart in ages and rarely go there for anything anymore.

  5. spaghetti0625 Nice to see you again! I agree... YAY target!

    Krystalily I agree, I hope Target gets a lot of good publicity from this and Wal-Mart bad!

    Pubbler If it took him only 20 minutes to hand out 86, thats an average of 43 in ten minutes. He had 44 left, what the hell is another 10 minutes? *shaking my head*

    Sarah EXACTLY! If I were him, I would have just refused until the police came and removed me.

    frugalsuz My son was needing to go to Wal-Mart last week and I ran him there. I HATE going to Wal-Mart. I go about once a month to pick up my All You mag and cherry pick. I signed up for a subscription last month so once I start receiving it, I'm hoping my time between visits will be even longer. I try to use my coupons any where but there but there are times I have to.

  6. I signed up for the All You magazine also because I dread going to Walmart. The lines are horrible and it takes so long to get in and out. Now it just comes to me straight at home and its so much easier. :)

  7. I feel sorry for him...he is not employed and still cares about others!! I hate that Walmart is the other company gaining money because the average joe cant aford to buy things that cost more at other stores....I can still save I used to spend prolly 50% of my paycheck when I earned more not anymore Walmart Once a month and go to the local stores now because I dont want to drive to a store where the lines are long, cashiers are rude and at the lisbon Walmart they have this Hilter acting women that stands at the door and acts like your stealing things when u walk buy her!! On top of that they dont stock their shelves enough....!! Im glad to here Target did this I wish there was a Target in Lisbon