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A Sneak Peak At My Gift Baskets....

Here a look at three gift baskets I put together tonight. It's hard to see what's in them all wrapped up.

So let's take a look at them naked.

First up we have my sis'. That soft sided briefcase in the back was FREE! Can you tell my sis is a tea lover? Then there's some razors, hand soap, bath salts, body butter, a netti pot, aromatherapy headache stick, a bath scrunchy, and more.

This one is for my 15yr old neice. She was so easy to fix up. All the make up stuff she will love, and that brown purse in the back is way cool, even if I say so myself! Found it on clearance for $3 this past summer. I put a razor, lip gloss, fake nails, nail polish, and more in there.

Here's the nephew's. What more could a 16yr old want in a gift basket? Stuff to clean his car, body wash, a razor, body sprays and more. He's a little more difficult to buy for. Hope he likes it!

So what do you think. Did you fix any gift baskets up this year?


  1. These look great. I did kind of the same thing for my mom & sister. Got to love the gift baskets!

  2. These are wonderful! I have that Free briefcase and never thought to use it this way. Your niece I think will love all that makeup! And men are so hard but you sure came up with a great idea. What kid wouldn't love stuff for his car! You have given me some wonderful ideas for next year. I did 5 gift baskets this year all with the same theme and will post them after people receive them on Christmas. Too many people look at this blog:-)

  3. sarah Thanks! My mom and sisters love gift baskets, so it's easy for me!

    precious thanks! My sister uses briefcases and when I recvd that one I immediately knew she would be getting it. Noone else I know really uses a briefcase except my dad every once in a while. I bought my bags at Dollar Tree also. Thanks for that tip.

  4. These baskets look great! I didn't make any baskets. I filled up totes/bags with lots of CVS goodies. I see some JD item in one of the pics. My boys LOVE tractors :-)

  5. These are adorable! I love what you included and how you made it kind of themed for that person. I actually fixed up a gift bag for my Secret Santa at work the other day in a similar way. I put in a package of Russell Stover chocolates, two Glade candles, a Glade Scented Oil candle, some lotion and body wash from a perfume set and some holiday-scented body butter. I thought it was really cute but I overheard her talking to a friend as she was opening it. Her friend said something like "Oh, it must've been from a guy", so I'm not sure she really liked it. That hurt my feelings a little, especially because I thought everything I included was nice. But I guess you just can't please everyone. At least I didn't run out and spend money on a gift for someone I barely know. I just "shopped" from my own stockpile. Haha, take that! lol

    My sister is getting something similar - she wanted hair rollers for Christmas. So I got her those, plus free hair spray and a cheap (after ECB) hairbrush I got at CVS. I wanted to get her a hair dryer too, but I only scored one at Walgreens and since mine is dying, I'm saving it for me. :)