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Brrrrrrrrrrrrr, It's Cold!

My small little town's food pantry's shelves were starting to look bare. Boy wonder's school held a month long food drive that ended this past Friday. I had went through my pantry and filled up a small box, brown grocery bag and 2 wally plastic bags. Since it was too much for him to carry with his backpack and drum I thought I would take it over to the school for him.

I never got it done, so today I loaded it all up and drove to the church where the pantry is, hoping someone would be there. There was a car there and when I tried the door to the youth group room, it was unlocked. So I went in, noone was around and I didnt see any food sitting around, so I headed to the doors that lead to the main part of the church. No one was around there either, BUT there was several boxes and bags of food sitting there in the main entryway. I'm assuming the school had dropped it all off from their drive.

I was so happy to be able to contribute! It really warmed my heart even though as I started to unload my car, it started snowing and was so cold out. I'm hoping to make a donation at least once a month for the entire year of 2009.

Well it's bitter cold here in the midwest. Current temp is around 9 degrees with the windchill at -15. Yeah, that's minus 15. BRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

I put our electric blanket on our bed, an extra blanket on Boy Wonder's bed and even gave my baby poodles their blankies. My kitties have their blankies on their beds right by the oil heater in my bedroom, so I think we all will be snug as bugs in a rug!

I hope everyone else is warm.

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  1. Hi Lisa,

    It always makes my heart warm to donate. That was a nice thing you did! We are freezing here too! My DIL mentioned to me yesterday that it is too cold and she wants to move to somewhere wamer! :-) LOL!

    It is 36 degrees out as I write this!