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Friday Freebies Mail Call

In the last two weeks here's some of what I have received in the mail from manufacturers and Friday Freebie requests.

Several Vocal Point mailers. DelMonte Fruit Naturals coupons, Venus Razor and coupons, Kashi Cereal Bar coupons just to name a few. If you have not signed up for Vocal Point yet, what are you waiting for? Once you sign up they automatically send you free stuff.

A free sample pad of Super Sticky Post It notes. I cant remember who I requested these from. :(

Two free Flexible cutting mats from Di Lusso Deli Company. I will be making a fruit and cheese basket for my elderly neighbors and one of these is going to go in it since they messed up and sent me two!

A free sample pack of Clean & Clear morning burst shine control oil absorbing sheets. They offer freebies and coupons all the time so check often!

A Huggies mailer with coupons for diapers. You can sign up for Huggies Happy Baby here.

A free can of Enfamil Lipil baby formula plus a mailer with two rebate-coupon checks. Be sure to sign up for Enfamil's Family Beginings! They periodically send you free samples and great coupons.

(note to family... NO I'm not trying to tell you something! The baby offers were signed up for by the oldest when he was expecting the grandbaby. He's now three and they continue to send offers and coupons and I pass them along to others. But thanks for asking! lol)

A free sample Feminine Care kit from Kimberly-Clark and a coupon. You can still request one, use the link above.

Two postcard coupons from Price Chopper Kids Club for FREE 8 count poptarts. As of January 2009 they no longer will be mailing the postcards. You will need to sign up for their online program and the coupons will be emailed to you.

A free sample of Tide from Wal-Mart samples.

I'm sure I missed some things but this is what came to mind. I need to find us all some NEW freebies to send off for to keep the mailbox full but I've been really busy getting ready for the holidays and shopping. It's a lot funner to go to the mailbox and get free stuff and coupons instead of bills! I always can find a gift basket to tuck the free samples in and some of them I like to try myself to see if I like the product.


  1. Woo! I just joined Vocal Point! I'm pretty excited. Is it hard to do the surveys and stuff?

  2. Krystalily the surveys arent that hard. The samples and coupons they send you are wonderful. Glad you signed up.