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Quick Dinner Rolls For Working Moms

1 cup milk
1 cup water
1/4 cup margarine
4-5 cups all purpose flour
3 T sugar
1 tsp salt
2 pkgs. active dry yeast

Combine milk, water and butter in a small saucepan. Heat over low heat until warm to the touch.

In mixer bowl, place 3 cups of the flour and remaining dry ingredients. Mix on low speed until well blended. Gradually add the warm milk mixture. Mix until well blended.

Gradually begin adding the remaining 1 to 2 cups of flour, 1/2 cup at a time, until the dough is firm, clings to the hook, and cleans the sides of the bowl. Turn out onto counter top and knead a few times.

Place in a large greased bowl and allow to rise in a warm place for 20 minutes. Turn out, and divide into rolls or loaves. Place bread in a warm place and allow to rise for another 20-30 minutes.

Bake in a 375 degree oven for 10-12 minutes or until golden brown. Brush with butter while still warm to produce a nice soft crust.

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