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How to get your Wal-Mart, Kmart & Target stores to accept Internet printed coupons

As the days go by and the economy worsens there is more and more coupon fraud going around. A lot of stores have corporate policies that state they accept internet printed coupons, but the store managers refuse, fearing the coupons will be denied due to fraud.

I've read so many of you are having problems from Wal-Mart, Target and Kmart here lately and wanted to share a tip to try.

Save your cereal boxes, cut them apart, you can get 2 sheets of cardstock from them. Use the inside that is blank and print the coupons on those. Make sure that you set your printer for cardstock, not paper so that it won't get stuck. DO NOT USE IN A LASERJET PRINTER. DO NOT USE BOXES IF THERE IS A CLEAR COATING ON THE CARDBOARD! The heat will melt the plastic coating and gum up your printer.

Most cashiers are use to seeing coupons being printed on box tops and the inside of boxes and won't even think twice about accepting them. They also expect them to be in black ink only so you save there too.
Even if you don't have problems, it is a great way to recycle! I use the cardboard from my soda cartons too, just cut to size.

This sheet of coupons was printed on the back of a Honey Bunches Of Oats box. My printer settings does not list cardstock but has a greeting card option that I chose. I also changed the paper size to A4. Worked like a charm!

I originally posted this tip back in October. I personally have not had any more problems with clerks refusing the coupon. They don't even look twice at it.

If you have a tip for getting stores to accept internet coupons more eagerly, please leave a comment.

~Thank you to Xanman for sharing this tip on SlickDeals.~


  1. Thanks so much for reminding me about this tip!

  2. awesome tip! Save paper and hassle at the store!


  3. precious I find that reposting some of these tips helps out everyone including those new to my blog.

  4. Domestic Extraordinaire Oh I'm so happy to see you made it over from Twitter. I promise you, your walmart clerks wont even give IP's printed this way a second glance, but let me know what happens.

  5. I found this tip one day surfing the net and could have sworn I bookmarked it. I've tried to find it again to give the man proper credit for it and it seems to have disappeared. BUT if you happen across my blog I do remember your name was Steve. Thanks Steve!

  6. Lisa, I remember when you posted this on GC board in late summer and I thought you found it on slickdeals, Maybe this is it?


  7. Ooty, Thanks you so much, that's it! Xanman Thank you also for sharing the tip on Slickdeals with us.

  8. I love it! great idea!


  9. There are lots of coupon codes for Wal-mart and other stores that you can find online. You just need to see if they are reliable. One website that I recommend is Jacks Coupon Codes.

  10. Great idea - I need to do with more often - especially with pdf style coupons. Awesome tip!