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Recession Buster Blasts #3- Free Entertainment

Have you been to a movie theatre lately? Good grief, ticket prices are out of this world. And even if you go to a discounted matinee, don't head to the concession stand! $8 bucks for a large popcorn and drink? Give me a break!

We took boywonder to a matinee a few weeks ago. Between the three tickets and concession stand I still forked out $30.

Here's my Recession Buster Tip for entertainment.

Have movie nights at home: We visit the Redbox machines at McDonalds and Walmart for $1 per movie per night. Pop up a bag of popcorn (.25), pour up a .88 2 litre bottle of pop (Hy-vee price last week) and grab a box of movie theatre candy free from Wal-greens or CVS. You have a movie for 1-4 people for less than the cost of one matinee ticket!

On Mondays Redbox gives you the movie FREE. Here's today's Monday-only promo code for a free one-day rental from Redbox…


Expires tonight (Mon, Mar 23) at midnight CST


  1. Hi Lisa,

    That is about how we do movies! I like it because we don't have rude people making noise and people on their cellphones. Actially I have a Free Movie ticket that is expiring on 3/31 and we have to check to see if there is a movie that we even want to see.

  2. I took Kat to a movie last week with discount passes I'd purchase more than 18 months ago! That just goes to show how seldom we go to the movie theater. I took a bottle of water for us in my purse and did splurge for the $5 medium popcorn.

    We had a good time, though, so I think the $5 bucks was worth it. (The passes were purchased so long ago, I'm not even going to count them in the cost...LOL!)

    However that was a TREAT, not a regular activity for us. We use Redbox and Netflix and can enjoy movies as often as we like at home.

  3. DH loves movies, so I can't wait to try this. If we can substitute this in lieu of the theater even once a month, that'll save us $13.75 a month! It'll pair well with the 90 boxes of free popcorn from Jewel last month!

  4. Precious ditto on everything you said! People talking on cell phones in a movie really irritates me.

    annie When we took my son a few weeks ago, it was a treat. We hadnt been to a walkin theatre for over a year. My favorite is to go to the drive ins. Last year they had went up on admissions also, but not quite as bad. When we go we take our own popcorn, pop and candy.

    chicagolandia keep your eyes open for other redbox codes I will be posting. We'll help you use up some of that popcorn.

  5. Another bonus is that the drive-ins show a double feature. If you can stay awake that long. :)

  6. annie lol. I don't know how many times I have fallen asleep during that second movie.