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Giveaway: Sock Sacks...No More Sock Matching!

Sandy of Organize with Sandy is hosting a Sock Sack giveaway. These sacks are really a great idea and will cut out a lot of time sorting and matching up socks. Be sure to enter before the deadline today at 8pm. There are several EASY painless ways to enter.

Also, I wanted to mention Sandy hosts a Share My Recipe every Sunday. Go over and check it out. Pick up new recipes and share one!


  1. Hey! I gave you the Kreative Blogger award!


  2. Lisa,
    I love the scrapbook look of your new page!! Very pretty!!


  3. I checked the Star for HH ads. They were not there :( Maybe in the LS paper....if you want me to get you one just let me know & I can mail it to you. Shouldnt take but a couple days since you are so close.

  4. Rachel Thank you so much for thinking of me. I have received this in the past and am hoping to get the awards back up on my blog soon. As you can tell, I've been remodeling around here! lol

    Ooty Thanks for the comment and letting me know what you think!

    Sarah I appreciate your offer but that wont be necessary. Thanks for checking on the other paper for me also.