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Giveaway: Win 5 Pokens!

Have you entered to win 5 Pokens? The deadline is tonight.

How does the Poken work? You can read about all that HERE.

Where do I enter to win 5 Pokens? From Jessica Knows! It's easy to enter and there are several different ways. CLICK HERE TO ENTER

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  1. I saw that you were going to congratulate me on the Poken win but then couldn't find my Twitter account. My account (along with a lot of others) just disappeared on Monday. Twitter is working on it and I hope they can get it fixed! But I do exist! And I will be giving away two of them on my site- as soon as I have Twitter again!

    Luckily I can find references to me using tweetgrid! Since Tweetdeck is useless right now... Ugh! Such a pain!