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The Attraction to Cardboard Boxes

Have you ever bought your child a gift you just knew they would love only to have them play with it for a day or so, set it aside and play with the cardboard box forever?

Both my boys did that on numerous occasions when they were little. My husband use to say, why worry about what to get them. They are going to play with the box more. Just go to the grocery store and get them a banana box! lol

I know for a fact my boys are not the only ones to do this.

Peanut does it too!

I bought her something similiar to one of these:

She refused to get in it.

My uncle gave me something similiar to this:

She didn't like it either.

Every time she gets a chance, she steals Teddy's bed:

Hey mom, does this make my butt look big?

And all she really wanted was....

Her very own Nestle Pure Life Water box!

All I have to say is she better take good care of that box cause I normally don't buy bottled water, but due to the excessive heat and warnings, I had to pick up a case last week for free using my CVS extra care bucks. Hubby needed some extra water to supplement his usual water jug. lol

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  1. My cat Lucky LOVES the water bottle boxes too! It's like a fort for her! I have a BIG microwave box of donations ready to go to the food bank and she's been scratching at it the past few days...better that then the couch. I need a new box once the donations are gone :(

  2. One of our cats absolutely loves the re-usable shopping/tote bags. I will unpack the groceries from one, toss it on the floor and she goes wild with it! Fun to watch. :)

  3. Too cute! Aren't cats so funny? And smart! LOL
    Mine do the same. :-)

  4. Hahahahaha! I thought our kitty was the only crazy one to do this! We even took it further with his box: he loves to lay on hubby's work jeans, so when he had to get a new pair, we put the old pair in the box. He sleeps in it every night now.