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Redbox FREE Monday Rental Today

I can't believe August is already here!

Today is the first Monday of the month and you know what that means.... FREE entertainment. Today is the day to get your FREE Redbox movie.

Did you know that with a Redbox account you can:

reserve movies online and choose where to pick them up?

return movies to ANY Redbox machine?

when you reserve a movie on line, once returned, you will then receive a free rental credit?

We love FREE entertainment!

Find your nearest Redbox by clicking HERE.

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  1. Lisa, how do you get the free monthly rental today? I went to the Redbox website and it looks like it's only given out as a text message. We don't allow texting on our phone plan, so unless there's another way, I guess I'm out of luck.

    Also, the free rental after you reserve online then return that movie...is that a one-time offer or does that happen every time you reserve online? I tried to reserve online once and for some reason it would never work. :(

    I have trouble with their offers like these, but I love them anyway because they are cheap and convenient!

  2. Annie, the free rental after you reserve is a one time offer only and the free rental on the first monday of every month is through a text only. :(

  3. Funny, I just forwarded my free code to my daughter 10 minutes ago to claim the free movie!Life is good!

  4. Sonya I didn't even think about that! I wasnt going to use mine, I could have given it to Annie! DARN IT! Now I know for next time.