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Gardening & Canning Update

Yesterday I made HOT Sweet Relish. It's a different taste. Very hot from the jalapenos, very sweet, but not real pickly. I like it. Hubby says he likes it. So it's an official keeper. I also like the recipe because it only takes 4 large cucumbers instead of other recipes that call for a lot more. I like to can in small batches and so recipes that call for the smaller amounts of vegetables at each time is great for us. The recipe can be found HERE.

I spent three hours in the garden yesterday morning, weeding, picking, pruning, staking and tying stuff up. Look what I found...

There was three. The third one was ripe and had broke away from the vine. These will be ripe in a few days and there are about 20 that are golf ball size! So exciting!

Do any of you have anything new in your gardens? I wanna know about it. Give me all the details!

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  1. I can't believe you have a canteloupe ... i think that's how you spell it?? I'm just waiting for my tomatoes to turn red so i can make salsa!

  2. Nothing new in our garden and things are starting to wind down (well, except for the tomatoes). We'll get a lot more of those, maybe a few more cucumbers, another acorn squash or two and there are two eggplants on that should be ready soon.

    I've convinced Shane that we shouldn't do a fall planting. I'd love to, because I love all the greens we would plant, but we just have too many other things going on to keep up with it right now.

  3. Cantaloupes are so delicious and so healthy for you. I am so glad that your garden is producing so well. :-)

  4. So exciting! I've never tried growing cantaloupes before. We're waiting for more squash to be ready and still waiting for the tomatoes to turn red! LOL Have a great weekend!

  5. how did you make your hot relish? i'd love to try and make it. I have few hot peppers ready so need to use them up (and way too many cucumbers!) unfortunately none of my mellons made it this year. they all died out for some reason. All turned black and died. some kind of a mold killed them all. I did find some watermelon radishes that I forgot about so that was interesting (too peppery to eat because of hot weather). I will plant fall crops in two weeks so looking forward to fresh greens and maybe more broccoli.

  6. clschaan I can't believe we have as many as we do either! It's exciting for the kids to watch how fast they grow. One year we grew pumpkins and they loved carving their own pumpkin they grew.

    Annie I'm not sure if we are going to plant a fall crop either. We really should though.

    Precious The one cantaloupe that was already harvested was very sweet. They smell soooo yummy!

    Jill Our zucchini did not do well this year. I think a borer worm destroyed it. :( Enjoy yours and those tomatoes!

    Jenny I'll link to the recipe I used. Our carrots were too peppery for us! Good luck on your fall crops. Be sure to share lots of posts/pics with us!

  7. Wow. The jarred relishes will definitely taste perfect after a week! Wow. I am the one who is getting really excited on what I will see after a week or when you will be harvesting this baby fruit! More posts please!