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The Beauty of Peppers

Look at all those beautiful colors.

Growing peppers is my favorite thing to grow next to tomatoes. At the begininng of the season they are all green, as the season ages, so does the peppers' color.

It really upsets me when I have a bad year for peppers like year before last and the year before that. We use a lot of peppers when cooking in the fall and winter. I'm so happy they did so well this year.

To preserve my peppers I wash them, lay them out on a towel on the counter so they can air dry. Then I bag them in ziplock freezer bags. They are easy to pull from the bag in the quantity we need.

Is anyone else's garden still giving? I'm thinking about planting some fall crops. Are any of you going to be planting anything soon?

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  1. We're still getting lots of tomatoes. A couple more eggplants are out there and maybe an acorn squash or two.

    We aren't planting for fall this year. I will miss not having another round of fresh greens, but we have too many other things going on this fall.

  2. Love your colorful display! We still have tomatoes and cucumbers to eat, peppers are going strong, green beans and eggplants are also good. I planted seeds for more salads, dill, broccoli and radishes. Now that the heatwave is going down I hope they'll grow nicely.

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