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The Heat is On....

In more ways than one! It's been extemely hot here with heat advisories everyday and heat indexes of 105 to 110.

I'm still canning two or three times a week. Here I canned more Salsa and Hot Pepper Relish. They (hubby and his friends) told me the salsa and relish could be even hotter so this batch has tons of jalapeno and serrano peppers.

I knew hubby wanted to take some to work for several of the guys, so I decided not to give up my regular canning jars, knowing they more than likely would never come back home. lol I save all kinds of jars. I like to store things in them, ya know? Do any of you save jars? Hubby says I'm a hoarder. I say I'm smart! Just look at this...

The boullion cube jars, relish jars, taco sauce jars, etc. were perfect for me to fill up and him to give away. It saved me the cost of my regular mason jars and lids. Knowing the guys would be eating it right away and there was no need to actually process it in a water bath saved me time also.

Here's my harvest this morning. Not much is slowing down in my garden. I'll have to process more salsa. I need to check and see how much of the hot pepper relish we have left, not sure if I'll make more of it or not. How much is enough relish? lol I can always give it away at the holidays I guess.

I'm out of here to make me a cold refreshing fresh limeade. Hubby was given these last night:

And told me when he stops by his favorite joint tonight, the guys told him they should have a case of limes for him. So I'll be juicing for the next couple days making lime concentrate to freeze for limeades when ever we want. Take that SONIC!

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  1. Thankfully we've peaked out on the harvest and it's dwindling down. I'm about done with cucumbers and majority of the tomatoes have been picked as well. We still have plenty green so we'll have them for eating but I think I'm done with canning for now. Next year I'm definitely planting more :)

  2. This is so awesome, we have a small garden this year, but I am hoping for an even bigger one next year. Love to see your recipes for canning. Have you done pickles?

  3. Jenny I'm not sure if mine are going to die down until October when it frosts. I keep watering it, so hopefully we wont have to actually plant a fall harvest, maybe these will keep producing. Three of my tomatoe plants are the type that keep going right up until frost. The cantaloupe is no way done. And the cucumbers still have a lot of babies and blooms. The okra is still blooming like crazy. The peppers may be slowing down though.

    Jill Our garden grows every year also. It has been a lot of work this year and I'm home all day. If I go back to work then next year I doubt it will get any bigger. I just won't have the time. Yes we did one batch of pickles. The mix we used was Ms Wages Kosher dill and then we added one garlic clove and 1 tsp dill seed to each pint jar.