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The Garden Is In Overdrive!

Even with the heat, our garden is putting out like crazy!

Yesterday I canned 7 1/2 pints of pickles. I HATE pickles. My sons HATES pickles. My hubby LOVES pickles. This is the first time I've ever canned them. He brought home a note stapled to a bag of Ms. Wages Kosher Pickling stuff and told me it was from a guy's wife from work. I told him to tell his girlfriend to can them herself. haha You see how well that worked for me, hugh?

I couldn't find my canning tongs, and burnt the sh*t out of myself. Oh the things we do for love. I know they are in this house..... somewhere.

Tomorrow I will be canning salsa. Have any of you canned anything from your garden?

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  1. I've canned tomatoes, tomato relish, pickled green beans, dill cucumber relish, sweet cucumber relish, sweet zucchini relish and zucchini pickles so far. Also some jelly made from frozen juice concentrate, but that was early in the spring.

    Thank goodness our cucumbers are almost done! We're getting tomatoes so quickly now that I'm just cutting the stem end out and freezing them whole instead of trying to can them!

  2. And I forgot, I've made LOTS of refrigerator (not canned) pickles, both regular dill and spicy dill!

  3. Annie you are the canning queen! Will you share your cucumber relish recipes with me please?

  4. kara (cvsaddict)8/3/10, 1:18 PM

    Yes! I canned pickles and salsa. I use the mrs. wages for my pickles too...its the best :)
    Fry your pickles and see if you like them then, everything deep fried is better!

  5. Hi Lisa,
    Thanks so much for stopping by and visiting my blog! :-) My daughter Hayley just loves pickles and so do I! My Mom always did them when I was growing up. :-) Hope you have a great week! We were in our garden this morning and I posted about it, along with some great children's books that relate to gardening and insects.

  6. I have canned Kosher Dill Pickles, Salsa, Pepper Jelly, Blueberry Jam, Blackberry Jam, Peach Jam & Blueberry Pie Filling.

  7. "I told him to tell his girlfriend to can them herself. haha"-That is exactly what I would have3 said. Maybe we are related? You should run!

  8. We canned pickles and tomato sauce and I'm about to do another batch of tomatoes and more pickles. Right now we have about 8 lbs of cucumbers in the fridge waiting to be sliced up and about 5lb of tomatoes. I love being able to save it all for winter instead of throwing it away.

  9. Kara Since I don't like pickles, (but agree-everything is better fried!) I will take your word for it. Hubby agrees, Ms Wages makes some yummy pickles. lol

    Jill I'll stop by. Gardening seems to be my life right now! ;)

    Amy it sounds like you've been one busy gal too. That's a lot of canning!

    Sonya Maybe we are. I'm really bad, you sure you wanna hang out here? lol

    Jenny I agree, having the tomatoes when there is a foot of snow on the ground outside makes life good. But I'm a woos, canning is hard hot work!

  10. Those pickles are beautiful! I am SO JEALOUS of your garden! :-)

  11. Precious Thank you! I agree, they do look beautiful, I just wish I liked dill. ;)

  12. It's just the recipe from the Ball Book of Canning. If you don't have it, let me know and I'll email it.

  13. Annie thanks, I'll look it up! :)