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My Friday

I've been busy all this week getting kiddos ready for school. Finishing up the school supply shopping. I also did a little clothing shopping. My boys have never really been big on getting a bunch of new clothes before school starts. They usually want to shop in October. So I just bought kiddo three new shirts and three new shorts. He will wear shorts probably up to and possibly into November. We will shop for jeans then. So I now have him ready and I bought my two granddaughters their school supplies. It was easy, and I got most of it from the CVS and Walgreen sales. The rest I picked up dirt cheap from Wal-Mart.

Tuesday I went to Hyvee and picked up a few things. I wanted the Backpack and lunch box deal. The Hyvee I went to had neither. They gave me rain checks and told me to check back today. When I called they still didn't have them. So I started calling around. Found both at the Lees Summit store.

I went and picked them up along with several Friday 13th sale items. Prices after using my coupons: Skippy Peanut Butter $.49, Miracle Whip $1.38, Sunbelt Granola bars $.67, Pepsi $.69, Kraft Salad Dressing $.88, Prego Spag Sauce $.49.

Then I came home and did this:

Yep, 7 more pints of salsa. I finally was done at 8pm. See that white film on my lids. I'm guessing it is due to our hard water. Maybe a calcium deposit? Can anyone tell me what I can do to keep it from doing this? Can I add something to my water in my canner? I never had this problem where I used to live.

I still needed to do more relish, so guess what I'll be doing here in about 7 hours, once I finally go to bed? You guessed it! Canning relish. I also need to get out to the garden.... I'm sure there is more waiting.

Hope you have a great weekend!

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  1. ooohhh the back to school rush! my boys start school next week! already. I remember when school started in September. I guess they start earlier because they get such a long winter break.

    The canning idea is a great one. I still have some tomato sauce from last fall in the freezer.

  2. Yes, I think the film is from your hard water. I've read it's easiest to wipe off when the jars are still hot; just be sure to use a hot damp cloth. A cold one could crack the hot jars. A little vinegar water should help get rid of it if the jars have already cooled.

  3. yup, you have hard water. we have the same problem. you can wipe it out later or install water softener (it can be expensive though) or add some vinegar to the water while you boil it (though the smell is very abrasive). love your new stash. It's on my to-do list for today as well. Will try your hot relish also :)

  4. Aahh yes, lovely hard water. It's awful we have it too and it just destroys our dishwasher. We are hoping to install a softener soon. Great job on all your canning! Very inspiring. :-) Have an awesome weekend, be sure to find some time for you. :-)


  5. Sounds like you got a lot finished. I need to get more organized to catch some sales for the last few things my children need for school.

  6. Thanks everyone for the advice regarding my hard water!