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Banana Cake Recipe Failure

I tried a new banana cake recipe tonight and it was not that good. It baked out more like a bread than a cake. VERY heavy. The cream cheese icing was ok. I hate it when this happens. Boy wonder and hubby say they like it though.

I didnt post as much this past week. I havent been feeling well. Nothing in particular, other than really tired and achy. I tried to stick to last weeks planned meals but ended up changing a couple of them. This weeks is posted now, hopefully it will go better.

If anyone has an EASY 3 or 4 ingredient Banana Cake recipe, please help me! I have a favorite bread but want a cake recipe. I'm still ticked off, it took me 40 minutes to prepare that darn flop, bake it, then another 20 minutes to prepare frosting. I used to have a favorite cake recipe and cant find it. So let me know.


  1. Sorry to hear that you weren't feeling well and sorry that your recipe didn't work out. I tried to make something new tonight too and it didn't work :o(. I'm a big banana bread fan but not banana cake. I don't think I've ever had it. I'll keep a look out for a recipe for you.

  2. Hey lisa, you asked about the CVS lip butters on my blog so I figured you'd look here first. I found them in the front of the store where they keep the fragrances and any odd beauty type stuff. I also found a few by the essence of beauty lotions and washes.

  3. Hey lisa, where did you get the recipe that you tried? I just found one on hillbillyhousewife.com

    Was that the one that you used? if not, you may want to try hers. Looks pretty good and easy.

  4. amiyrah thanks for the info on the essense of beauty. I'm going hounding today so I will try to find them again.

    The banana cake recipe I used wasnt hillbilly's, but it is almost identical to it. I'm wondering now if it wasnt my flour. I bought flour that says Biscuit flour which I thought was the same as an all purpose flour, but now I'm not so sure. :(