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I Have Spring Fever

It was sunny and 80 degrees here yesterday. Today it was 60, with the temps dropping to 40 by nightfall. Days like yesterday give me spring fever bad.

I miss the tranquil sounds of the water trickling over the rocks on my koi ponds. I love spying a new resident who has made the ponds their home.

This 800 gallon koi pond is at the front of my home. My husband hand dug it. We dumpster dived a roofing company's dumpster for the liner. FREE liners saves LOTS of money. The padding under the liner is carpet my hubby dumpster dived from a carpet store. Another freebie. The filter I made from some kind of milking tub that dairy farms use, pvc pipe and fittings. I found the tub at work from a dumpster so it was FREE too. The material in the tub for filteration is big round scrubbing pads for a floor buffer that I found at a thrift store for $2. We went to a friends farm and dug the rocks up. I bought the pump new for $70. Three years ago, right after we got the pond done, hubby took me to a fish farm and I bought my koi.

Here's photos of the frog and dragon fly who moved in last year. The dragon fly would let me get so close to him before flyting to a new perching place.


  1. That is beautiful. Absolutely stunning. I have spring fever, too.

  2. Very beautiful pond--and to think you and spouse did it all yourselves.
    The plant the dragonfly is on--is that a gerber daisy?

  3. How delightful. All those shades of green are so refreshing. And frogs are amazing little creatures.

  4. What a gorgeous pond!! And to think, Dragonflies and frogs! What a peaceful and serene setting you have created!!