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My Deals This Week

This week I had several good deals, but three REALLY EXCITING DEALS!
Office Depot- Digital Frame $39.99, after coupon $0.0 OOP
Local Grocer- Good Life Cat Food 5 bags $18.45, after coupons $0.45 OOP
CVS- Cordless Telephone $29.99/Sunkist Jelly Beans 2/$3, after gift card $0.0 OOP
Total of all merchandise= $91.43
Total Out Of Pocket for the three deals= $0.45!!!!

Here's how it worked out:

Office Depot-FREE Digital Photo Frame Value 39.99 This little photo frame has 8mb memory holding up to 56 pictures. I received it free from my office supply order at work. It will be great sitting on my desk loaded with photos of hubby, 2 sons and grandson! I love FREE!

My home phone died. It was one of those systems that had two cordless handsets, which was great because my kitchen phone jack is dead too. The cvs add came out and they had a system on sale just like mine only a different brand. Being a hounder I was racking my brain trying to figure out how I could get it free. I only had $16 worth of ecb's. Then it dawned on me, my son needed a prescription refilled. Someone had posted some where on this wonderful venue called the world wide web (sorry I dont remember who or where) that if you signed up (for free) for an account with Wellness 360 and print off your id card it would also print off a CVS coupon for a FREE $30 gift card when you transferred a prescription. So I flew over, signed up, and printed off my id card and sure enough there was the coupon for a $30 FREE gift card with a transferred prescription!
This purchase of the phone and 2 bags of Sunkist Jelly Beans cost $28.85 which I used my FREE gift card on. So it cost me $00 out of pocket!

We have five cats. Two indoors and 3 outdoors. Cat food gets to be expensive. The indoor cats are picky-picky about what they eat. At my local grocer I noticed that they had Good Life Cat food marked for $2.69 per bag. I had 6 coupons for $3 off and 2 for a $1 off. I purchased 5 bags, used 4 $3 off and 1 $1 off coupons. My OOP was $0.45 plus tax! Not free BUT a very exciting deal to pull off none the less!


  1. That frame was quite a good deal! That would have been a christmas gift for sonny boy's grandma lol. You didn't get the good life for free, but after the ordeal you went through, .45 is a great price! I'm sure Linda and Tim will think twice before arguing with you again rotfl

  2. Awesome deal on the frame! You did good this week!

  3. Thats a great deal...we have 5 indoor and 2 outdoor we are still trying to trap, neuter, and find a home for....we had 8 but three passed over the last few months (they were in their 20's believe it or not) Catfood and litter is probably the most expensive thing on our grocery list!

  4. amiyrah I'm thinking I need to stop by there today and see what they did on the price of that food. I have a couple coupons left. hehe

    sb I might take amiyrah's suggestion and give that frame filled with photos as a gift to my mother.

    annie I love hounding and getting stuff for free or dirt cheap. Have you been doing any hounding lately?

    catherder cat food, litter and dog food is our biggest budget buster. I was elated to get all the food so cheap.