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  1. This sounds like an excellent idea, Lisa, and a great way to maintain good health.

    I joined, but couldn't see any place to give your name as the referral. How does it work?

    Also, thanks for letting me post your chocolate cake recipe. It's on my blog today :-)

  2. Hi Lisa,
    You are correct with spring cleaning. I just went crazy last weekend scrubbing, cleaning, and organizing. I have a spare bedroom with my workout equipment, extra bed for guests, and the closet is my extra pantry because I don't have a very big one to stockpile. I had to organize that because it was dangerous to open the door. LOL. So that just spread throughout the rest of the house. I have my clothes closet, and the kitchen left on my to do list. Not too bad. I'm looking forward to just getting it all done. I have a ton of stuff I need to take to goodwill and get a receipt for for the 2008 taxes before I put the tax paperwork away until next year. I feel uneasy if the house isn't perfect. I'm not sure why...we have a constant revolving door of people in our home all the time so I feel like it always needs to be neat. I think it's because my mom was that way...(I'll just blame her...LOL....)