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CVS Clearance

Here is some info I came across on Hot Coupon World recently about clearances at CVS. When I read it I thought I had read it before, was it your AJ that originally wrote this?

Some info on the clearances at CVS....

There are two major types of clearances: AMM (automatic Markdowns) and
clearances on "Seasonal" stuff like holidays, spring items, summer items...
these are things that are not regularly carried.

This week, the seasonal markdowns just started for the Spring Items. The
Spring Items (spring flowers, storage, wind chimes, etc) SHOULD be marked
down to 50%. Next week they'll go to 75% (if the store manager doesn't push
it to get it out of there sooner... they'll mark it down earlier... its up
the the GM). They have a deadline to get "summer" set... so they may get in
a hurry to get it outta there..

Ok, AMM's.... Every year, CVS has "Plans". This is where they "rebuild" each
section of the store (shampoo/conditioners, hairstyling, shaving/deodorants,
etc..) Soon before they "rebuild" a section of the store, the system sends
down discounts on things that will no longer be included in the new "Plan".
The system is supposed to send the AMMs down on Tuesdays, but they come on
Mondays most of the time. Good store mgrs will get the AMMs started on
Mondays (these are the little tags you see hanging on the shelves in home
locations for 25%, 50%, 75% and some of them just say clearance with no
discount). These clearance deals are good until they're gone and no more
product can be ordered or will come into the stores. Coupons can be used on
these items. These items will normally go on clearance for 4 weeks... 25%
first week, 50% second week, 75% third week, and then they will go back to
just clearance with no discount. At that point, its up to the mgr to
manually mark those down and move them to the clearance end-cap. (This should
be in the back of the store on the left hand side most of the time).

In the first of the year, right after the Christmas clearances, makeup goes
on clearance. Soon after that is shampoo, hair styling/color/accessories,
soaps/body wash, lotion, deodorants, mostly health and beauty. The "other
side" of the store will come later in the year.


  1. I did not post it on HCW-I just lurk there because it seems like there is a lot you have to do to be apart of their community...I don't have time to make Xnumber of approved posts each week. Yes I discussed this at one point because that's how it worked when I was at CVS-I used to love makeup then and it was awesome for me when it came time to reset makeup we had bins and bins filled with super cheap makeup. It was awesome.

  2. AJ the gal that posted it on HCW must be a reader on our message board and pasted it over there then. It's good information to know.

    Thanks for responding.

  3. I love finding things on clearance and then using a coupon to make it free!!