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Food Storage Hints & Tips

I have laying hens and during the summer the eggs start piling up. I started thinking how I could preserve the eggs. I've learned to train myself and ask WWGGGD?

Translation: how would my great great grandmother have done it years ago when there was no stores close by to run to everyday. I knew you could pickle them various ways but they wouldnt be good for baking or breakfast.

Then a friend suggested freezing them. I never thought of that! When I did some research on freezing eggs I found that you could freeze so much more than meat and icecream.

Since, there has been various questions on the grocery challenge regarding if you could freeze butter, milk, cheeses, sour cream, tomatoes, etc. That way when you find a rock bottom sale on something AND you have coupons for it, you can purchase a good stock of it without the worry of it going out of date before using it.

I found two sites in my research I refer to that has a lot of good information on food storage that I want to share with you guys.

How to Freeze Almost Anything

Ball's Website

Check them out and remember, stockpiling isnt just about getting a bunch of products on sale. It also entails how to properly store them to get the most from them so the money you have saved when buying doesnt go down the drain once you get home.

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