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Still Hounding For More Cat Food

When we bought this house almost 3 years ago we inherited a daddy and mommy cat. The day we moved in she had 6 babies. We also had two cats of our own. 4 of those 6 babies were females.

I started freaking out. My aunt also lives in the same town we do. It's a small town with no full time 24/7 animal control and there are cats EVERY WHERE. She lives within city limits, I live outside of town. She feeds approximately 20 feral cats a day. Anyway, all I could see was these babies multipling like litte bunny rabbits. I am an animal lover, but dont want my 5 acres run over with cats. They have a tendency to mess up my flower gardens and they are hell on the screens on the front of the house!

I started calling vets and quickly found that the cost was more than I could afford to get them all fixed. Then I read on line here about a program in Kansas City that would fix them and give them their shots for around $15 per cat. I called and made two appointments. One for the females and the second for the males. The waiting list is quite lengthy, but it gave me a chance to get closer to the cats so I could catch them.

The program is called No More Homeless Pets. They have around 6 different clinics around Kansas City area and require an appointment. I've also seen this program running in other states when you google "no more homeless pets". If you are needing help getting your pet spay/neutered, be sure to check your area.

The word got out what I was doing and daddy ran off before I could catch him and I see him about two miles down the road every once in a while. Two of the kittens (of course full grown now) have disappeared since being fixed. So we only have mamma and two of the kittens left. The ferrals are so cute, they will sit on the deck railing looking into the house through the window. They arent so ferral now after two years of feeding and attention.

Feeding 3 outdoor cats and two indoor cats plus 2 miniature poodles, 1 black lab, and 1 bassett hound we rescued can get quite expensive. So I am always hounding for cat & dog food and litter.
Meet Peanut, my indoor cat who loves to go outside in the spring.

And here's Lilly, who I've never been able to break of climbing the Christmas tree. Her and Peanut are sisters believe it or not that I rescued from a farm.

This is Lucky, my 120 pound lap dog!

This one is Teddy, he has to be the smartest dog in the world.

Francis, The Typical Bassett

And the baby of the family, Suzy.


  1. I love that picture of Lily in the Christmas tree! Thank goodness my cat hasn't tried that -- he just like to shred my carpets :-(

    Nice blog! I'll visiit again soon

    Hugs, Pat

  2. Love those cats!!

    (The dogs are cute, too.)

  3. HaHa, I also have 2 large black labs, both who think they are lap dogs.

  4. I love you dog Lucky...if he was brown I would swear he was the dog my parents have had since I was a kid. I am in a serious baking bread mode lately too. Friday I'm off work so I'm going to try to make a wheat bread. DF thinks baking bread takes too much work...but he's not doing any of it, I am and I enjoy it. It tastes better than store bought I think. Good luck with your Grandma's bread.