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Do you throw away your Apple peelings & cores?

What did you do with your apple peelings and cores the last time you made a pie, tart, applesauce or apple butter?

Did you throw them away? SHAME ON YOU!

There are several things you can do with apple/pear cores and peelings.

Next time throw them in a pot and make some apple jelly! This is my favorite way to get the most for my money. Did you know that the most pectin (the stuff that makes jelly set up) is found in the peelings of the fruit and near the core. Apples that are tart and a bit under-ripe make the best jelly.

Apple Jelly

15-20 medium cores and the peelings from them
6 cups water
1(1 3/4ounce) box dry pectin
7 cups sugar

Cook peelings and cores in 6 cups water for 10-20 minutes. Strain through sieve,cheesecloth or jelly bag. Add water (or apple juice) to strained juice to obtain 7 cups liquid. (You want 1 cup of juice for every 1 cup of sugar you will add) Add pectin (whisk works well) and bring to a rapid boil. Add sugar, boil hard for 2 minutes.
You can add a handful of cinammon red hot candies to give it a gorgeous amber color and just a hint of spice.
Pour into sterile jars, leaving 1/8" headspace; wipe jar rims, adjust lids and rings; water bath 5 minutes.
IF for some reason your jelly doesn’t set up, it is a wonderful pancake/waffle syrup. But I have faith in you, this is very easy to make and you will love it. It looks so pretty and home-made. Great to give as gifts.


  1. Cool idea. I always throw mine away, never knew there were uses for them!

  2. GUILTY!
    I always throw away my peels. Thanks for the tip, I am always looking for ways to reduce waste.

  3. Such a smart idea! Just the other day I made applesauce and added the peels to the compost. I'll try this next time!