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Morning Sun, Fighting SAD

I'm going to win this fight with SAD. What's SAD you might ask. Seasonal Affective Disorder. Or lack of sun.

When I was younger I would laugh when I seen shows on tv where people would use light therapy or hear people talk about SAD. I thought they were crazy. There is people in parts of the world who hardly ever see the sun.

I love this painting titled Morning Sun by Edward Hopper.

Now in the last three years I'm not so sure. The last two years were hell for me in February and some of March. This year I vowed to try to understand it more so I could learn ways to deal with it. This year has been better for me than the last two years up until now. The last two weeks has been a real fight.

I get grumpy and short tempered. I realize why I am feeling this way and it's hard to keep it bottled up without inappropriate displays of behavior.

I do think that one thing that has helped me tremendously this year is I have a couple of projects going, this blog being one of them. The other thing is it may have been a blessing on one hand that my hours were cut at work. This gives me a chance to come home without rushing, relax for a few minutes, get a few chores done, get supper started, all in peace and quiet. Hubby is still at work and boy wonder is still at school. It's like a little recharge for my battery before switching from office manager to mommy/wife.

This weekend is daylight savings time and is hard for me to adjust. Along with SAD it's a rough couple of weeks ahead for me.

I would love hearing from anyone else who suffers from SAD and ways you have learned to deal with it. Do you use light therapy? Do you just try to ignore it? Do you try to throw yourself into a project? Let me know some ideas.


  1. I don't suffer from this, but do know it is a real problem for many people. I've read a lot of good things about using light therapy. Makes sense, too.

    By the way, thanks for the rice tip for earache. What a great idea. I have a tip for sore eyes on my blog today. All these things are often so simple, yet so beneficial.

  2. I hope you feel better!! Just hang in there, that is a beautiful painting, so serene almost as if it were you in the picture!!

  3. I have SAD really badly. My grandmother has it as badly as me...I'm sure that's where I got it. I wasn't affected nearly as much when I was young either, but last winter was awful. I mean awful. I really, really wish it were a possibility to SOMEDAY live where it's sunnier, but my husband will never move. Never. And I am very close to my family who all live here.
    What I've done this year is self-talk...I try to talk myself out of it, to think it's not going to be as bad as last year...it couldn't possibly be as bad as I remember it. I just ignored it and tried to keep busy. And it kinda helped. Until 3 weeks ago. Now it's as bad as it ever was. I think there's a limit to how long my body can ignore it. But no one except my grandma (and people who have it) understand how bad it makes you feel. I wish I had a better idea.

  4. anne, I've been thinking about light therapy. It sounds so crazy I know, but you get to the point you are willing to try it. Glad you could find something useful here on my blog. This blog has really kept my spirits from sinking as low as they did last year and the year before. Hearing that someone can use a tip or found a recipe they liked helps. I'll be checking your blog out for the tip on eyes.

  5. Jennifer, I love getting lost in that painting! Thanks for the encouragement, it is appreciated very much.

  6. sniz, I feel your pain. I'm not sure who I would have inherited it from. Mine wasnt noticeable until I turned 35. Every year it seems to have gotten worse until last year I was a tearful mess every day. Hiding it from my 11yr old son is what is hard. My husband has been wonderful this year in support and I think that is a big reason why I havnt gotten so down this year.

    I also try to keep myself busy with things that lift my mood and spirit.

    One thing that helped me last year was tanning. Don't know how you feel about that. I'm not able to go this year due to finances and my hours having been cut at work.

  7. I was going to ask if you'd tried tanning. I guess you have.

    When we lived in Lee's Summit, there were lots of places that had really inexpensive tanning specials. Not so much on this side of town, though. :(

  8. I have had SAD for as long as I can remember. I am currently 35. When I was a teenager and undiagnosed I had no idea what was going on. In the summer I was this happy go lucky kid with tons of friends. In the winter I was a wreck.
    Anyways light therapy works as does getting outside (even in really cold weather, I live in MN.) Go for walks, sledding, anything to get outside for a bit. The exercise helps also even if it is indoors. If you can get away to someplace sunny and warm in the winter that always helped me for weeks afterward and the antcipation helped before.
    This year has been really tough and I am just waiting for winter to be done.